Dog on the chain: sanctions and what to do

Dog on the chain: sanctions and what to do

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Dog chained, it's sad, but that's not all. There are rules and fines for those who do not treat their pet properly. At national level, the legislative framework to date it is lacking but there are many regions and municipalities that have shown sensitivity to the topic and they have made sure that the dog in the chain does not stay, at least in the territory of their competence.

Dog on the chain: reads

As anticipated, hoping that things soon change also we can understand that they are not in the extreme priorities of a government, at the national level the regulation on the matter is completely absent. You can get by with the regional and municipal regulations to ensure that no chained dog is forced.

In theory it exists art. 544 of the penal code which states that animals cannot be kept in conditions incompatible with their ethological characteristics. In fact, unfortunately, there are still dogs in the chain that no one cares about.

Dog on the chain: what to do

What to do when a dog is chained? If it's ours, well, simply release it. When we cannot do it, because we do not have the "right" while waiting for the law to intervene, it is important that we at least check that there are no serious risks to your health. For example the chain must be long enough to allow the dog to sit and take a few steps, he must also be able to reach his kennel.

Within reach of muzzle the chain dog must have a bowl of water and the chain must be equipped with rotating carabiners to avoid strangulation. All this, however, is the minimum essential but not sufficient for the well-being of an animal that shouldn't have a chain around its neck.

Dog on the chain: complaint

Is it possible to report a person who keeps the dog in a chain? It depends on what the regulation of the area in which you live says. Who does this, and keeps the dog tied, what excuses does he tell? The most common ones are like: "It ruins my garden", "I have to tie it up because there are children", "so he keeps better guard" and "I'm afraid he'll run away when I'm not there".

To all these excuses, how to reply? There is a lot from reflect on how and when people choose to have a dog and how much they are initially aware of what it entails living with a being who is to be loved and respected and who it is not a toy.

Dog on the chain: mistreatment

There is not one to date National law that specifically regulates the mistreatment of animals who lives in a chain, to explore in more detail what can be considered mistreatment and what we can do to ensure that it ceases is described indedicated article.

Dog on the chain: Lombardy

At the beginning of 2017 in Lombardy some news arrived to be introduced on this topic. When there are no health reasons certified by a veterinarian or temporary safety reasons, the dog in the chain must not stay there. It is a regional regulation that should define this, he foresees other prohibitions and measures always in the "animals" field including a ban on chaining dogs or applying any other similar deprivation of liberty to them.

Chain dog: Piedmont

Also in Piedmont chain dogs must not stay: iThe regional regulation of July 2004 states that the detention of dogs in chains must be avoided and, if necessary for specific reasons, it must be for periods of time not exceeding 8 hours.

Dog chained: fine

As we have seen, we cannot rely on a homogeneity of measures, so we cannot say how much a person who keeps the dog in the chain must pay and if he must do it. In the most attentive regions, a fine of 5,000 euros can be reached.

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