Eucalyptus honey: characteristics and price

Eucalyptus honey: characteristics and price

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Eucalyptus honey, one of the best known not so much for its taste but for its "healing" properties related to winter ailments and more. If honey is always loved by gourmands, this eucalyptus is also recommended for those who often have a sore throat and cold.

Eucalyptus honey: characteristics

If we have a jar of this honey in front of us, we immediately notice that its consistency is compact. The color is not too light, like that of other types of honey, it tends to have amber shades, sometimes even almost greyish. On closer inspection it has a very fine particle size and crystallizes in a few months.

Eucalyptus honey: glycemic index

The glycemic index of eucalyptus honey is about 55, this number must be compared to have more sense with the glycemic index of sucrose which is equal to 61. Usually these figures are carefully watched by people with diabetes, in these cases both honey and sugar are to be consumed in moderation because it is not so much the index that warns us but the glycemic load. We have explained its characteristics in an ad hoc article.

Eucalyptus honey: property index

Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids in particular, eucalyptus honey is a food that helps keep the body in a state of well-being. These substances in fact reduce free radicals so slow down cellular aging.

Another important advantage of eucalyptus honey is to intervene on inflammatory phenomena and many researches crown it among the best types of antioxidant and anti-aging honey.

Eucalyptus honey: calories

The calories of eucalyptus honey are not very different from those of other types of honey. The amount contained in 100 grams of healthy sweetness is about 300-305 calories. To understand better, a tablespoon has about 60, a teaspoon 30.

Eucalyptus honey: taste

Compared to his other colleagues, the Eucalyptus honey it has a stronger and stronger flavor. It is a honey with character and has a taste that can be defined almost balsamic. There are those who describe it by associating it with the flavor of mushrooms, wood and curry, or with that of helichrysum and licorice candy.

In general it is not the classic honey that is too sweet, it has an acid tip that makes it love even by those who are not too fond of sweets. So that the taste is preserved as long as possibleand the honey should be stored away from sources of heat and light.

Eucalyptus honey for cough and sore throat

As mentioned right away, this kind of honey is particularly powerful if it comes to treating coughs and typical respiratory diseases such as colds. In general, it works well in any state of inflammation.

Scientific studies are investigating these properties and those ofeucalyptus essential oil, effective against various bacteria and viruses. Returning to the honey format, we find it prescribed in cases of bronchitis and sinusitis due to its expectorant and mucolytic power. IS' able to thin the mucus and catarrhs ​​freeing the nasal passages and the respiratory system.

Eucalyptus honey: price and where to buy it

It is now found everywhere but it is always better to buy it in shops where there are organic farming products. In Europe we produce it, above all, together with Spain and Greece, and it is considered the best among eucalyptus honeys for the richness of flavonoids. Also online we find eucalyptus honey of excellent quality, 500 grams in a jar they cost 10 euros.

Eucalyptus honey and lemon

In the kitchen the Eucalyptus honey more than lemon, it is associated with aged cheeses such as parmesan and parmesan. That's fine too with low-fat cheeses and natural white yogurt, in the recipes of first and second courses of fish we can find it inserted as well as in legume dishes and soups, or in snacks. There are sweet and savory combinations that are also fun and successful. The Eucalyptus honey together with lemon we find it with strong teas and herbal teas, also to treat colds.

Eucalyptus honey in pregnancy

When propolis is added to eucalyptus honey, it is obtained an excellent antiviral and antibacterial even for those who, in pregnancy, it is better not to get sick. There are studies that are highlighting how eucalyptus honey is very effective against a particular bacterium, Staphylococcus aureus, and in children against coughs, as a natural remedy supported even by those who hate medicines.

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