Lagotto Romagnolo: character and price

Lagotto Romagnolo: character and price

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Lagotto romagnolo, the only breed in the world specialized in the search for truffles. Exactly, and this uniqueness is all deliciously Italian, because the Lagotto romagnolo, also called simply lagotto, is native to the marshy areas of the south of the Po delta. It was born there, many years ago, in Ravenna and in the plains of Comacchio. Its distinctive side: a exceptional sense of smell.

Lagotto romagnolo: origins

At its origins, many years ago, before the ancient Roman era, the lagotto romagnolo was a water retriever, like the Labrador retriever, for example, but due to events that we will see, the selection moved towards its aptitude for the search for truffles. There are pictures of lagotto romagnolo in the necropolis of Spina, an important city ofPo Valley Etruria, and this makes us think that it is a "historical" dog.

In Roman times this breed was particularly widespread in the area between Ravenna and the Comacchio valleys, up to the Friuli plain. Before the reclamation of the 1800s, they were marshy areas so the lagotto romagnolo he devoted himself to the practice of retrieving volatile game, very useful were the fur and the undercoat to protect the cold baths in water. Meanwhile he also gave himself to search for truffles, but in the spare time.

With the reclamation, goodbye swamps, and the truffle has moved to more hilly and wooded areas, so the lagotto romagnolo it has become more and more like a truffle and more and more hilly, finding a vocation that today is its vocation. And he is the only one in the entire world panorama to have this specialization. It has no equal, also because it is excellently trainable and has aexcellent research skills and a remarkable sense of smell.

Lagotto romagnolo: name

The name "lagotto romagnolo"Comes from the Romagna language, from the expression"Càn LagòtWhich means: "water dog" or "hunting dog in swamp with curly and bristly hair". There are other hypotheses regarding the name, there are those who argue that it is a reference to the term with which, again in dialect, the inhabitants of a village in the Comacchio valleys are called: Lagosanto, called precisely "lagotti".

Lagotto romagnolo: characteristics

It is a medium-sized dog that in its 45-50 cm of height at the withers (the female a little less) and in its about 13-16 kg (the females a couple less) manages to maintain good proportions, harmony and strength. . The lagotto romagnolo it looks strong, robust and rustic at the same time. Has big eyes and round, of a color that can vary from dark yellow to dark brown.

The coat is very important for a truffle dog like the lagotto romagnolo, in fact, it protects it from cold and humidity, even if today it is often a companion dog, housed in warm houses. The hair is woolly, curly and evenly distributed over the whole body. As colors we can come across dirty white, both uniform and with brown spots, and then in other colors such as roan, uniform liver brown, solid orange.

The lagotto romagnolo he is lucky enough not to have moult, luck also for us masters, and his hair must therefore be periodically cut otherwise it forms cords. Just a regular one grooming once or twice a year. There are those who, for this voluminous and curly hair, compare it topoodle: there is something similar but our friend lagotto romagnolo it is and must remain more "raw" and less like a noble drawing room.

Lagotto romagnolo: character

It is a dog that has always worked and in its nature, there is the desire and passion for work. His job is to go looking, so the lagotto romagnolo is a dog that needs to move a lot. This does not penalize him, temperamentally, on the contrary he is a tireless playmate for children, with whom he is loving as he is also with the master, his family, and even with strangers.

The lagotto romagnolo he is very faithful, gets along well with other animals, he does not bark easily, he just has the habit of digging a bit where he wants. It is a lively breed, which can be seen from the expression that is always alert and attentive to everything.

Lagotto romagnolo: farms

After a period of crisis, thebreeding this breed recovered at full speed in the seventies, thanks to the activity of four passionate and expert dog lovers. From that moment the breed has regained vigor and above all has regained itsoriginal purity: it is rebirth. In 1988, the birth of the Italian club lagotto romagnolo.

Initially the breed was present only in Romagna, but now there are farms throughout Italy and abroad, in the list of breeders registered with the ENCI there are several dedicated to lagotto romagnolo, specialized. Even abroad over the years several have been established Breed club and consequently also various farms.

Among the most interesting and authoritative farms we point out the farm "Medici Valley“, In Scarperia (FI), in Viale di Poggio Cavallo 2.

Here is what the owners told us about their passion: “Raising the Lagotto Romagnolo it gives us enormous joys. They are puppies that never disappoint the families who choose us and that we choose for our puppies. Achieving these results commits and stimulates us, but they are beautiful emotions.

We try not to leave anything to chance. Our Lagotto are tested for the main pathologies of the breed with all the requirements for the health of our litters.

Those who choose one of our puppies know they can count on our support forever. We like the friendship of the people who choose our puppies and we like to stay informed on how they grow.

Raising was a choice made as a family. The passion for dogs unites us and stimulates us to breed with a particular focus on the character and health of our puppies.

How we see the Lagotto Romagnolo is simple: "The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog for the family that playing in the woods is an excellent truffle dog." This is how we see our Lagottos and we ask the families who welcome our puppies to have the same vision. "

A splendid Lagotto Romagnolo from the Valle dei Medici kennel

Lagotto romagnolo: training

As a truffle dog, the lagotto romagnolo it needs and must be trained. For this reason, therefore, they are organized throughout the Italian territory from Italian Club Lagotto, aptitude tests for truffle hunting to improve the qualities of the breed, which are already well developed and recognized all over the world.

Since 2012 the Truffle Search Trials reserved for lagotto romagnolo have been officially recognized by the ENCI and there are just over test judges, expert breeders of lagotti and truffles.

Lagotto romagnolo: puppies

In 2002 already the puppies of lagotto romagnolo enrolled in the ENCI were almost a thousand, in 2011 they exceeded 1800 units. These estimates must take into account that the standard of lagotto romagnolo it was approved by ENCI in July 1992 and three years later international recognition by the International Cynological Federation.

Lagotto romagnolo: price

A healthy puppy with all certificates in good standing lagotto romagnolo coast from 600 to one thousand euros. There are farms to choose from, and it may also depend on the "intended use" of this dog. This condition demands for example on the puppy's ability to search for truffles.

At home, playing with the children and hanging out in the yard, even if he's not the champion, it doesn't matter. If you are a fan instead truffles or aspire to become one, breeding and price vary. Both like pet dog, both as a truffle hunting dog, i lagotto romagnolo worth its price.

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