Ephelids: meaning and images

Ephelids: meaning and images

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Ephelids, hate or love. Very often those who have them do not want them, those who do not have them imagine that they could be a feature aesthetically very appreciated. They are a real dilemma and it is often not even very clear whether they are "harmful" and dangerous or not.

Ephelides: meaning

When we talk about ephelids, we mean those small brownish skin spots which are nothing more than the obvious expression of a increased concentration of melanin in some places on the skin. They always have a benign meaning, beyond the form they have, unlike moles.

If we see any rounded and flat, or more irregular, this need not worry us under any circumstances.
Very often they are confused with freckles which are instead due to an irregular production of pigment (melanin) and an increase in melanocytes. To understand if it is one or the other, look at the color: if it is clearer, they are freckles that at most become more evident in summer but sometimes almost disappear in winter.

Ephelids: how to eliminate them

If we really don't like having these spots on our skin, we can sift through some methods to eliminate them. There are the strongest ones and others that are more natural and sweet. As for the former, we find chemical peels, for example, which are aesthetic treatments with chemical type exfoliating substances, such as glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid and must only be performed by experienced medical personnel.

There are cosmetics with one exfoliating and depigmenting action which contain kojic acid, glycolic acid and mandelic acid, or laser therapy which acts directly on melanocytes. Some doctors recommend a liquid nitrogen treatment, cryotherapy, others diathermocoagulation, carried out with an instrument called an electrosurgical unit.

Between natural remedies instead, we can mention some "miraculous" plants such as heather, calendula, horseradish, cucumber, lemon, oats, dandelion and stone. Heather, for example, is able to lighten them slightly thanks to its tannins, the horseradish, grated and placed in vinegar, is enriched with glucosinated active ingredients, which exert a lightening action on the skin.

To lighten the freckles, the cucumber which has a regenerating, moisturizing, decongestant effect, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor. On line there are numerous products to naturally eliminate these spots such as these "pens" also used to treat acne and scars. A pack of 32 costs 16 euros.

Ephelids: pictures

Ephelides: back

The back is one of the places where they can focus more on the freckles. The tendency to have them is inherited from the parents but it may be that they do not appear immediately. From 2 to 6 years old you begin to understand if a child will have skin with freckles.

Ephelides: face

The face it is the other area where ephelids stand out and often, for those who hate them, it is precisely the area where you would not want them to appear. In addition to the back and face, they can also pop up on the chest and upper limbs, especially when the complexion is fair, to people with light eyes and blond or red hair.

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