They denounce before the Supreme Court, increase of the clearings in quarantine

They denounce before the Supreme Court, increase of the clearings in quarantine

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The environmental organization Greenpeace denounced before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that clearings increased during the quarantine period and requested that deforestation be stopped because it affects the habitat of the last 20 jaguars that remain in the Gran Chaco region .

The precautionary measure presented is for "serious and irreversible damage", and reports that between March 15 and June 30, 2020, during the Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation, 21,275 hectares of native forests were deforested in the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Salta, Formosa and Chaco. It is a surface similar to that of the city of Buenos Aires. (one)

The organization warned the highest court in the country that "these cleared areas coincide with the territory and habitat of the jaguar, which is active in this action, increasingly putting its survival, its very existence at risk." Faced with this situation, Greenpeace asked the Court to order "the immediate cessation, in the entire territory of the four defendant provinces, of any type of native forest clearing activity."

“Clearing is not an essential activity. On the contrary, the essential thing is to stop them. More clearings mean more diseases, more climate change, more floods, more evictions of peasant and indigenous communities, and the disappearance of endangered species, such as the jaguar ”, said Hernán Giardini, coordinator of the Greenpeace Forests campaign.

“It is incredible that the clearing does not stop or quarantine. That is why we need a quick intervention from the Court to stop the clearings that are generating very serious and irreversible damage, ”said Enrique Viale, Greenpeace legal advisor and lawyer sponsoring the case.

Argentina is the South American country with the fewest jaguars, around 250 individuals; In the Gran Chaco region there has been a significant decrease in the last ten years and today there are less than 20. In order to survive, each animal needs approximately 40 thousand hectares of continuous forest in a good state of conservation, an area similar to two times the City of Buenos Aires. (two)

This request is made within the amparo action filed a year ago by the organization on behalf of the jaguar, which is still under study by the highest court. This is the first time in the legal history of our country that a legal action was carried out on behalf of an animal species and the Rights of Nature. The lawsuit was filed against the provinces of Chaco, Salta, Formosa and Santiago del Estero and the National State, for not complying with the National Law of Native Forests and not guaranteeing the survival of the species in the Argentinean Gran Chaco region. The Attorney General's Office has already ruled that the case is the jurisdiction of the Court. (3)

The protection includes the request to guarantee "Zero Deforestation" in the territories where the species lives, its degradation, fragmentation and deforestation are prohibited; and a Management Plan for the Yaguareté be implemented, as provided by National Law No. 25,463, which declares it a National Natural Monument.


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