Weaving networks of experiences in health and agroecology

Weaving networks of experiences in health and agroecology

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We started the registry of experiences in Health and Agroecology, a collective and decentralized mapping process, organized from the Agroecology Network (AeR) platform with the aim of increasing visibility and strengthening initiatives in Brazil and Latin America, strengthening the performance articulated by different thematic networks that act in the field of health and agroecology.

Experiences in health and agroecology are understood as the various strategies built by the peoples, by organizations, collectives, social movements and research groups, based on principles of solidarity and in the direction of a transformation of the health and life conditions of the population. Examples are the experiences of struggles against pesticides; valorization of the knowledge of roots, blessers and midwives; defense of peasant territories and traditional peoples and communities; integrative and complementary practices in health, research and meetings, among others.

To register your experience in health and agroecology, enter here:

Experience record

We strongly recommend reading the User Manual, available on the website. This manual contains detailed information on the mapping process and instructions for answering the online form. Registration can be done by computer and by mobile phone application (recommended, mainly, for situations with limited internet access).

After the information gathering stage, open until September 15, and the analysis of the data by a large team in charge, the production of materials in different languages ​​is planned: videos, newsletters, publications, infographics, articles and indicators that can guide the action of different groups in the field of popular collective action, research and public policies.

Agroecología en Red is an information system conceived in the early 2000s by the National Agroecology Articulation (ANA) in partnership with the EITA Cooperative and since 2018, the platform is undergoing an intense process of updating and restructuring, with the support of Fiocruz.

They actively participated in the process of preparing the research instruments and are part of the person in charge of this action: The Fiocruz Health and Agroecology Agenda team, from the Fiocruz Mata Atlantica campus, from the National Observatory of Traditional, Integrative and Complementary Knowledge in Health (ObservaPICS), the RedesFito: Inovação em Medicamentos da Biodiversidade, the Map of Conflicts involving Injustiça Ambiental e Saúde in Brazil, the Rede Brasileira de Pesquisa em Soberania e Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional (PENSSAN Network), of the Health GT of the ABA- Agroecology and representatives of social organizations that make up the ANA networks, such as the Rede de Intercâmbios de Tecnologias Alternativas.

As this is an action that is articulated not only in Brazil, but also in Latin America, a large part of our materials are translated into Spanish, including the record of experiences. Here is the link in Spanish so that they can share it with your contacts:

To learn more, watch the video of the campaign "Weaving Networks of Experiences in Health and Agroecology"

Also available is the video of the launch seminar, which took place on the morning of July 7.

The period for registering experiences in Health and Agroecology remains open until September 15. Do not stop participating!

Contact: [email protected] | whatsapp +55 21 97508-7115

Source: Agroecology em Rede

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