Electric bikes for all tastes

Electric bikes for all tastes

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For some people, electric bikes are still a strange thing. However, thanks to their excellent performance and the wide variety of models that appear on the market every day, they have been gaining ground and followers for a long time. And the future looks even better, with many specific models for every need. Let's see some of the ones you could buy.

Types of electric bike

Classics: Classic electric bikes are designed and equipped (fenders, brackets, lights) to make transport around the city easy and comfortable.

Mountain bikes: Electric mountain bikes (see models at Belanfit) are an emerging sector in the world of electric bikes. These allow people to enjoy the ride of a mountain bike. They can also be the solution for those who typically ride their bikes (in a car / truck) up to the top of the mountain for downhill runs.

To choose the most suitable electric mountain bike for our needs, it is important to look at several issues, some of them referring to the type of terrain in which the bicycle will be used and others referring to the electrical part and its performance, without forgetting a good bike GPS.

Sports bikes (Speed ​​Pedelecs)These are fast electric bikes that exceed the traditional limit of 32 km / h because they require the user to pedal for the assistance to reach a speed greater than 32 km / h.

Position: electric cargo bicycles, which offer the possibility of transporting people and things. They are ideal as an alternative to the car.

Beach cruiser: Yes, you can have an electric bike in the style of a classic beach bike and ride the boardwalk. They have a comfortable position and are easy to mount.

Fat bikes: Fat or wide electric bikes have super wide tires (4 ”+) and can be used in sand or snow. Adding electric assistance to a Fat Bike provides a lot of fun!

Folding bicycles: Take an electric bike anywhere you go! Folding electric bikes can be a great solution to store your electric bike in your apartment, office or to take it with you in the car, taxi, bus, train, boat and plane (batteries can be a problem). There are two types of folding bikes: the full-size wheel versions and the small wheel versions.

Touring bikes: Electric touring bikes have the ability to travel long distances and the ability to carry baskets.

Tricycles: They are ideal upright electric bikes for people with balance problems or who want to carry heavy loads. The recumbent electric tricycles are ideal for those looking for greater performance with a comfortable position for their back.

Conversion kits- If you have a bike that you want to convert to electric, there are conversion kits you can buy.

Why would you want to have a motorized bicycle? Here are 5 good reasons:

1- They bring bicycles to more people. Riding a bike on slopes and in headwinds can be quite challenging. An electric bike can make slopes smaller and turn a headwind into a headwind. Electric bicycles can allow injured people to ride a bike again. In general, electric bikes are a way to enjoy cycling for many people.

2- Electric bicycles make it easier to opt for the bicycle than the car. An electric bike can get you anywhere in the city faster than a traditional bike and allows you to get to work without breaking a sweat. Getting around with an electric bike is one of the best ways to pay for a bike. An electric cargo bike can be an ideal alternative / replacement for the car, as you can carry people and loads on the bike.

3- Electric bicycles are used to balance. They help couples, families and / or friends ride together. Not everyone is the same physical shape and an electric bike can help those who are not as fast on a traditional bike to keep up with their faster family or friends.

4- Businesses can use electric bicycles / tricycles as delivery and advertising vehicles. Some businesses may use electric bicycles as company vehicles for their employees to attend customer meetings.

5- Electric bikes are an ideal way to have fun! Adding some assistance to your march will put a smile on your face. It's okay to talk about the technicalities of an electric bike, but you really need to ride one to experience the fun!

Electric bikes are still bikes

Electric bicycles are ideal because they are still considered bicycles, since they meet certain requirements. This means that they can still ride the bike lanes and do not require a license, registration or insurance. You can park them anywhere, enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise, etc.


Electric bikes are inherently high-tech. There are several that offer Smartphone integration with custom apps, GPS tracking, and cloud-based diagnostics.

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