Mapuguaquén: The innovative Mapuche speaker made with clay

Mapuguaquén: The innovative Mapuche speaker made with clay

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The result of the joint work of master craftsmen from Nacimiento and engineers from Germany is this equipment that reproduces music in high fidelity.

A speaker handcrafted in clay with German audio technology. This is Mapuguaquén, an innovative product that emerged in the Bío Bío region.

It is a high-fidelity equipment that is made in clay pots, made by master craftsmen from the Nacimiento commune, which evoke the Mapuche culture.

The loudspeaker, with excellent acoustics, was developed by leading engineers in Germany, thus generating a product that unites ancestral craftsmanship techniques with high-tech elements in electronics and amplification.

“Our vision goes far beyond making speakers. We dream of an artisanal re-evolution that gives prominence to traditional techniques in an increasingly industrialized world. We want to create unique and innovative speakers that are deeply linked to the materials and aesthetics of their places of origin, supporting their identity and history ”, their creators stand out through their website.

To create the Mapuguaquén (in Mapudungún “Sound of the Earth”), Two young people received financial support, through the line of the Regional Entrepreneurship Support Program, PRAE, of the Regional Productive Development Committee, and were chosen as the 2017 SME Award, in the Innovation category.

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