Heroine: the snake Naja bites its captor, frees 17 friends and denounces the trafficking of animals

Heroine: the snake Naja bites its captor, frees 17 friends and denounces the trafficking of animals

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The news became a hot topic and soon social media was flooded with memes and the snake became a hero because he wounded his "malefactor", released other snakes and even led the police to open an investigation into the crime animal trafficking, criminal organization and mistreatment.

It all started last Tuesday, 07, when the veterinary student from Brasilia, Pedro Henrique Krambeck, was bitten by a cobra snake that he kept in captivity illegally.

After being bitten, the student called his parents and went to a private hospital in Brasilia, where he fell into a coma and it was necessary to search for the antivenom from the Butantã Institute in São Paulo, which luckily had the serum there, just for prevention of the employees, since, although this snake is not of Brazilian origin, there are some species in the institute and salvation arrived by plane 1000 km away.

Loose snake

From that moment, the police and Ibama began an investigation to find the cobra that bit the student and was "loose" in Brasilia, after all, there is no law in Brazil that allows this animal to enter the country, it is prohibited It is illegal, it is a crime.

The police found the snake on the street, next to a shopping center, the day after the student was bitten, a barbaric without size, an extremely poisonous snake, of Asian origin, whose venom is capable of killing in less than 24 hours, in a high risk situation for the population.

According to the police, the animal was abandoned on the spot by a friend of Pedro's, also a veterinary medicine student, Gabriel Ribeiro, who was also responsible for hiding 17 more snakes (from Africa, Asia and the US), all illegal, on a farm 170 km from Brasilia and another at her father's house, all were found by the police.

Valuable heroin

Before going into hiding, after the feat, the cobra initiated the police to find and free the snakes from captivity and open an investigation to determine the existence of an international trafficking network in exotic animals.

According to police officer William Andrade, who is investigating the case, the suspicion is that the cobra that bit the student was born in captivity due to the altered natural color pattern.

“Even a legalized animal cannot reproduce, only with a license. And the fact that we find reproductive material brings evidence of the illegal trade in these animals. "

The police work with the main hypothesis of a criminal organization that acted on social networks to traffic animals that can reach very high figures, it is estimated that the seized cobra is worth, on the black market, up to R $ 20 thousand.

Ibama reported, in a report to Fantástico, that at no time did the students or their families help or contribute to the investigations.

Keeping exotic animals is a crime

For the moment, until the practice of trafficking and illegal trade is confirmed, those involved will be responsible for the entry and maintenance of exotic animals in the country, the maintenance of wild and native animals in captivity, mistreatment and will hinder the actions of researchers.

The penalties can reach 18 years in prison.

All the animals are being cared for at the Brasilia Zoo.

It seems that the “action” of the cobra was worth even more, also in Brasilia, on Friday the 10th, the police found another farm that kept 3 sharks in a tank in a completely illegal situation.

There must be strict punishment, through serious investigation and an example for people who are still trying to make a profit at the expense of animal life, exotic or not.

By Juliane Isler. Article in Portuguese

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