The quarantine for the coronavirus does not stop spraying with pesticides

The quarantine for the coronavirus does not stop spraying with pesticides

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Hypocrisy and cynicism are at their peak, sustained by the hegemonic discourse, they follow their path of death and desolation. The concentrated and poisoning production model does not take a break and continues to throw the health defenses of all those who involuntarily stand in its unprejudiced path to the ground.

It is outrageous to systematically repeat news lines that merge into a claim so genuine, as ignored by the entire political class. Every year in the world about 3 million people are poisoned by the use of pesticides, dying more than 220 thousand. This means 660 deaths per day, 25 deaths per hour, when we speak of invisible enemies, we cannot ignore the legitimated by a devastating capitalist system.

The epidemiological surveillance program of the Ministries of Health and the Pan American Health Organization in 7 Central American countries estimates that each year 400,000 people are poisoned by pesticides. In Misiones, 5 out of every 1000 children are born affected by Meliomelingocele, a malformation of the central nervous system. In this province it is estimated that about 13% of its population has a disability related to the production model and its “Collateral damage”.

In World War I, Germany was blockaded and the Allies banned the import of Chilean saltpeter and other nitrogen fertilizers that could be used in the manufacture of explosives. When the war ended, the Germans had a huge stock of nitrates, which no one wanted anymore. The chemical industry recycled them and imposed them on the farmer. This is how nitrogen fertilizers were born, agriculture was a kind of garbage dump for the war industry.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that supports how destructive the industrial production of commodities is, which has nothing to do with the production of food, however, its sweeping step of rights remains so firm that it calls in a central way, all the health discourses that today the media overflows.

When poisons from agriculture work as a ram for the coronavirus

Belonging to the department of San Justo, Ramayón is a small town in Santa Fe that suffers from poisoning due to the use of pesticides. Neighbors are fumigated at less than 50 meters constantly, although in times of "quarantine and isolation", the royal power managed to get the poisons from the air and in an uncontrolled way "good ones”And very well camouflaged in the national channels.

The reality of Ramayón is the same that embraces the destiny of the sprayed towns of the province and much of the country. The silent resistance, the first cries that come from the dignity of the human being, began to echo in a small place that hides a hell of enormous characteristics.

Distant some 254 km from the city of Rosario, this small town shouts its pain again, in a paradigmatic moment that must challenge each of the inhabitants of this country. Through a fumigation plane that is responsible for sprinkling poisons just 300 meters from the <558 Mercedes de Bruno school>, it would be Adeco Agro, who would be in charge of sowing in the rooms of the place.

This has been happening for a few days, it seems that they take advantage of the presidential decree that forces social isolation to be able to spray without any control”Said a neighbor who preferred to protect his identity.

Although the complaints were made, from the communal presidency in charge of Mario Ramón Truchet, no action has been taken in this regard.The commune has owed us a meeting for months to be able to expose our problems, from the State we only receive indifference while they continue to poison us”, Held.

Marisa Maydana is a member of the group of self-convened residents of Ramayón, consulted about the latest aerial fumigations they have been suffering, indicated: “A few days ago, a plane that comes from the Aero Club de San Justo has been fumigating in our town. We have communicated with an important zonal radio to request through it, that the fumigation be stopped. Unfortunately we have not been able to achieve absolutely anything, even if they reproduce the message on the air”.

🛩️ Laziness does not know of social isolation and less of quarantine. In Ramayón, while the #coronavirus corners the days of the country's inhabitants, they spray the fields with the usual "poisoning" pesticides. Neighbors' complaints 👉https: //

- Conclusion (@ConclusionRos) March 22, 2020

A few meters from the houses and a school, the impunity of the capital continues to manifest itself raw and in full view of all. In a context of enormous uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus, those who boast of being the engine of the country, continue to set in motion their enormous poisoning machine thanks to the protection of an indispensable partner, the State. While in a wise way, measures were taken to try to reduce the transit of an imported virus, local pests are still well localized and without any warning of being eradicated.

There are many invisible and indigenous enemies, but it is clear that they will take on the dimension that the State itself and the mass media grant them. The fumigations do not stop, neither does tuberculosis and Chagas, therefore, it is necessary to continue denouncing any outrage that comes from state abandonment, and the indifference of those of us who are scared today. Second-class citizens cannot exist, but there are, and that is where we must aim to transform this thorny reality.

By Alejandro Maidana

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