Is it possible an ecological plastic made with flour and seaweed?

Is it possible an ecological plastic made with flour and seaweed?

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Three adolescent girls, from the first year of high school in a Spanish institute, have come up with the formula of a biodegradable plastic.

They are motivated to help solve the climate emergency and make the world a more sustainable place.

They are Victòria Dugo, Alèxia Còrdoba and Cristina Brosya who have created an ecological material that could be useful in the manufacture of items such as bottles, glasses, bags and even toys and other solid products.

This material is derived from two products that are so cheap and accessible to everyone, such as algae and flour. With them it is possible to manufacture plastic that degrades without leaving any residue.

The discovery has not yet generated interest in the business sector, but it has in the scientific field. Victòria, Alèxia and Cristina have won the first prize from Exporecerca which, in turn, allowed them to participate (and win) in the MCTEA science and technology contest, held in Brazil. Thanks to this, in June they will travel again, this time to New York, to participate in the Genius Olympiad.

According to UN data, a million plastic bottles are bought every minute and, 500,000 million bags are used per year. Something that ends up translating into that eight million tons end up in the oceans every year, threatening marine life.

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