Noodles as sorbet in Italian bars to reduce the consumption of plastics

Noodles as sorbet in Italian bars to reduce the consumption of plastics

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Pasta is one of the typical foods of Italians, and in them they found the solution to one of the problems with single-use plastics. They replaced the sorbets with thick spaghetti noodles hollowed out in the center.

With this action, Italian bars are showing solidarity with the caretaker of the environment.

Noodles are being used for many drinks such as cocktails, drinks, juices, etc.

The company responsible for the initiative is Stroodles, an educational movement and a gateway to more sustainable behaviors and thoughts.

Gelmann, owner of the brand, has indicated that with more responsible attitudes towards caring for the environment they want “attract and reach less environmentally conscious people and show them how easy it is to make sustainable changes and bring them into their lives“.

Given the curiosity that this action has aroused, the London brand Stroodles has provided more information about the benefits of using noodles as a replacement for sorbet.

Among the data to take into account, the paste in the drink lasts up to an hour, although they estimate that in cold drinks they last longer. It is not recommended in hot drinks due to the risks of possible burns.

Also, the noodles can be composted at the end of use.


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