This would be the Earth without oceans

This would be the Earth without oceans

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This less than one minute animation was made by a scientist who worked for NASA to graph what the earth would look like without oceans.

A renowned planetary scientist made an animation based on previous NASA work in which he graphs what planet Earth would look like if the surface water disappeared.

Similar work had already been carried out in 2008, but this new version with higher resolution (35 times more pixels) and with clearer numbers makes it possible to better appreciate the levels of water change.

I was very surprised by the immediate appearance of land bridges, for example, during the last ice age, Great Britain and Europe were united, Russia and Alaska were connected, and the region between Asia and Australia was very close”, Declared James O’Donoghue to the siteIFLScience.

These bridges allowed humans the ability to migrate without boats, so this map can explain how much of human migration was possible back then. In other words, it's a pre-history class."Added who was part of the work team of the United States space agency and now works at JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

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