2016 restructuring bonus

2016 restructuring bonus

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2016 restructuring bonus, there are confirmed, extended and expanded: these are benefits for those who arrange or buy a house. There Stability Law 2016 launched by the government brings good news for those who have lingered to do some jobs, by this December they still have time to take advantage of tax deductions 50% but also 65%, but the time has come to understand if, when and how 2016 restructuring bonus is for us.

2016 restructuring bonus: Stability Law

With the new financial maneuver, some news has arrived on restructuring bonus 2016, accompanied by those on purchases of household appliances. Also for this year the interventions for the recovery of the building heritage, including extraordinary maintenance and building renovation works, continue to benefit from the tax deduction at 50%, percentage to be calculated on the expenses incurred, absolutely to be documented.

Together with the restructuring bonus 2016 also extended with the Stability Law for interventions of energy improvement of the building with "its" percentage of 65%. A facility that was and remains valid also for those who put their hands on a building to adopt anti-seismic measures.

Either way, be it 2016 restructuring bonus by 50% or by the partner at 65%, there is a need for the expenses on which they are calculated to be incurred during the year 2016 and all documented by an invoice. I also remember that there was, and has been confirmed, a spending limit within which to take advantage of the restructuring bonus 2016 of 96,000 euros. Another condition that remains unchanged after the Stability Law and which currently concerns both the 65% "energy" bonus and the restructuring bonus 2016 is that the "refund" is divided into ten annual installments.

On the restructuring bonus 2016 I will elaborate later, I remember here that the 65% bonus - which I wish you to be able to play on it - instead concerns interventions that increase the energy efficiency level of existing buildings. Having said that, one imagines having to change the world, or the whole condominium, in truth we are also talking about replacement of doors and windows, of new efficient air conditioners, of letting oneself be tempted by solar panels, perhaps for the production of hot water.

2016 restructuring bonus: extension

If the Stability Law has extended the restructuring bonus 2016, let's not risk waiting for the next "lottery" but let's find out if "some work" can be included in this concession with a tax deduction of 50%. We are talking specifically about building renovation works and there is also the connected one mobile bonuses.

To understand more about what it is, I refer you to reading the dedicated article "Tax deduction 50%”, Recalling that the restructuring bonus 2016 remains valid for expenses related to extraordinary maintenance or building renovation with the same rates as in 2015. With the same care, fearing to deceive someone, I repeat that the ordinary maintenance are covered by the restructuring bonus 2016 only if they concern common parts of condominium buildings. Ordinary interventions that a tenant does for his own business may fall under other concessions but not this one, as has been happening for years.

Until 31 December of this year, so for those who pay IRPEF the restructuring bonus 2016, the ceiling of 96,000 euros also remains, therefore a deduction of 48,000 euros. The state has decided to continue to reimburse 50% of the cost to those who renovate their homes in 10 equal annual installments, through personal income tax deductions.

2016 renovation bonus: furniture

The extension of the new Stability Law reaches beyond that restructuring bonus 2016 also the furniture bonus providing for a 50% personal income tax relief on a spending limit of 10,000 euros for furniture purchased for a house under renovation. As in previous years, this "annex" also includes thepurchase of household appliances but exclusively those of class A +.

In addition to the extension, however, there is a novelty for 2016. This mobile bonus will also be recognized at young couples "Constituting a family unit made up of spouses or more uxorio cohabitants who have constituted a nucleus for at least three years" and in which at least one of the two members has not exceeded 35 years.

And I say more: the subsidy is not linked to renovations, such as for household appliances, for example, but to the purchase of furniture for the main house. This "addition" for new families is therefore not allowed if you are furnishing a second home e it cannot be combined with other tax deductions. No games.

Renovation bonus 2016: second home

Except for young couples, all the benefits we have now seen have been extended, primarily the restructuring bonus 2016, are extended to all residential properties falling within the Italian territory, without distinction between first and second homes. Furthermore, on second homes, there are VAT deductions relating to the purchase.

Nothing has to do with the restructuring bonus 2016 but it is a facility and it is good to inform. Nothing then excludes that in the personal history of each, things do not reconnect. From 1 January 2016, natural persons who buy a house from the construction company can deduct 50% of the VAT paid from the IRPEF over 10 years. This is not tied to the first house, it can also be the second, as long as it is residential and energy class A or B.

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