How to remove leaves from the garden

How to remove leaves from the garden

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How to remove leaves from the garden: practical tips for removing leaves from the lawn, flower beds and garden. From machines to DIY.

The best way toremove leaves from the lawnis to pay another person to do it for you! Aside from this system, there are three options for removing leaves from the garden:

  • 1). By hand, using a rake.
  • 2). Vacuum cleaner or leaf blower.
  • 3). Vacuum on wheels with or without shredder.

Regardless of the method you use forremove the leaves from the garden, it is important to act promptly.Don't wait for the leaves to begin the decomposition process!

How to remove leaves from the garden with the rake

The use of the rake may not be recommended for the most sensitive lawns. Forremove leaves from the garden, from the lawn or flower beds, choose a very wide rake with thin and flexible tips. Choose a rake with a sufficiently high handle: do not bend your back during the work, otherwise you may be affected.

You should rake up to carry the leaves on a specially crafted tarpaulin. Thanks to the tarpaulin it will be easier to collect the leaves and dispose of them properly. The leaves can be easily destined to the composter, it will take a few months to transform into fertile soil.

An excellent Broom Leaves - Rake with Metal Teeth can be bought on Amazon at a price of about 20 euros with free shipping. The reported leaf broom is very large in order to make the invested workforce more efficient. Regardless of the model you choose, remember to choose it with thin tips so that it can also be used in the case of lawns and flower beds.

Blowers and vacuums to remove leaves from the garden

The blowers and vacuums are machines specially developed for removing leaves from the lawn and garden. In a short time it is possible to accumulate the leaves in a specific place or it is possible to vacuum and grind them.

They have the advantage of being quick and there are models with thermal or electric engines on the market. Electric blowers and vacuums can also be wireless, i.e. battery operated. Battery-powered blowers are suitable for small gardens, they are more suitable for hobby use, while corded electric vacuum blowers are an excellent middle ground and can be bought at very affordable prices. The blowers and vacuum cleaners with a heat engine are very noisy and more suitable for professional use and high surfaces.

Why choose a blower vacuum to clean leaves from the garden?

For short times and ease of use.
In just one minute, the best machines on the market can clean 14 square meters of surface.

If you are considering the purchase of vacuum cleaners / shredders / blowers forremove leaves from the lawn or garden, I suggest you read our advice on the page dedicated tovacuums, blowers and garden shredders.

How to remove leaves from the garden with wheeled vacuums

Wheeled vacuums are professional systems, generally indicated for professional gardeners or those who intend to associate the purchase with a shredder. Prices start at around 500 euros, are exclusively with thermal engine.

Wheeled vacuums are more comfortable than backpack vacuums / blowers seen above. There are push models and models with traction guaranteed by the thermal engine. They are able to clean deeper and, in addition to shredding the leaves, they are also able to manage and shred various waste and debris. Unlike shredders / vacuums / backpack blowers with thermal engines, these come to offer large displacements, for example, 190 cc. The self-propelled models with internal combustion engine and integrated shredder cost more than 1000 euros.

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