DIY sofa with pallets

DIY sofa with pallets

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DIY sofa with pallets: step by step instructions on how to make a sofa at home using simple pallets.

Pallets are a real asset for DIY enthusiasts. Have you ever thought you could make a DIY sofa with pallets? Here is a simple tutorial to create a comfortable DIY sofa with pallets.

DIY sofa with pallets: where to find the pallets

For the creation of a DIY sofa with pallets, we advise against using pallets from warehouses or shops, for one simple reason: hygiene. In fact, wood tends to absorb all impurities so be careful in choosing the salvaged pieces or consider buying them in stores specializing in DIY and do-it-yourself or by buying and selling online. Pallet on Amazon.

DIY pallet sofa: material

What does it take to make a DIY pallet sofa?

  • 3 pallets of one meter for the back;
  • 1 pallet for side supports;
  • 6 pallets for the base;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Sander;
  • Screws for wood;
  • Flatting or paints for wood.

How to make a DIY sofa out of pallets

Before proceeding with the various steps for the realization of a DIY sofa in pallets, we remind you that, even if new, the pallets must be smoothed with a sander, so as not to have problems with splinters too sharp corners.

Create the DIY sofa base out of pallets

First you have to make the sofa base by overlapping the 6 pallets (3 above and three below) you can either glue them with silicone or use screws to make the sofa "removable".

Assemble the back of the DIY sofa in pallets

Once the base has been made, you will have to create the backrest by fixing the 3 pallets to the base created previously with wood screws.

Build the DIY sofa armrests out of pallets

To make the armrests of the sofa in pallets, simply divide a one-meter pallet in half. In this way you will get two supports to be fixed one on the right and one on the left, you have created the armrests of the sofa!

How to build a DIY sofa with pallets: what paint to use

The skeleton of your DIY sofa with pallets is ready, now you just have to decide if:

  • Leave it rustic and therefore maintain the natural grain of the wood. In this case it will be necessary to sand the surface of the pallet to eliminate imperfections.
  • Paint it with the color that best matches the furniture. In this case you should choose natural, voc-free paints.

In both cases we suggest you opt for natural paints suitable for wood, transparent in the first case and colored in the second. These specific products for wood serve not only to give it a different color but also perform a protective function for the texture. “Wood is alive” so shape and color must be preserved in the best possible way. Paints for wood are composed of resins that create a patina that "fills" the wood cracks so as to have an even smoother and more homogeneous material.

How to build a DIY sofa with pallets: finishing touches

At this point you just have to complete your DIY sofa with pallets. Just use thick foam rubber or mattresses to make the seat more comfortable.

How to decorate a DIY sofa with pallets

Your sofa is now officially ready, but something is missing. The decorations!

What's more beautiful than customizing your own creation?

You have just created a piece of furniture from wooden pallets and old mattresses, now you just have to decorate it: line old cushions with fabrics of your choice, cover the mattress with a sofa cover or customized sheets.

An inexpensive and simple idea to implement is to repaint old bedspreads or mattress covers. You can buy kits to repaint them in the washing machine or create shades with bleach. The only must is to give free rein to your imagination.

To make asofa about three meters wide, we need tenpallets of one meter each, of which six for the base, three for the back and one to be cut in half to obtain the side armrests. To cut and assemble them, we also need a jigsaw, wood screws, rectangular iron plates, glue and some finishing products such as cushions. For the latter it is therefore necessary to buy fabric for the pillowcases or recover it from old sheets, in addition you will need foam rubber to use as padding.

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