Border Terrier

Border Terrier

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Border Terrier, canine breed of British origin, selected for years and years exclusively for hunting otters, badgers, foxes and small rodents. Today, in addition to confirming itself as an excellent den dog and hunter, it is also becoming known as a pleasant one pet dog, adorable with children, tolerant of other pets. And with a very nice look.

Border Terrier: origins

The origins of the Border Terrier they are to be sought since 1800, in the Border region on the border with Scotland, where, as we have already seen, this breed was created specifically to ward off foxes. And to hunt and chase away other annoying small animals. A theory, all to be verified, but currently only knownD, would argue that the Border Terrier was born from the cross between a "Bedlington terrier" it's a "Dandie Dinmont”.

At the time, however, it did not immediately depopulate, so much so that in the early 1900s it almost disappeared, even at home, for many years, only in recent decades has the breed been rediscovered and re-evaluated. Despite the ups and downs, the official recognition of the breed took place in 1920, by the Kennel Club, following the debut in a dog show in the year 1911, always obviously in England, and the Official Border Terrier Club which today is almost a century old.

Border Terrier: appearance

Small and nice, the Border Terrier at the withers it measures from 22 to 25 cm and weighs 5,8-7 kg. Born to hunt, he is a dog with a toned and strong physique, with an impeccable and very resistant muscular structure. The trunk of this breed is narrow and rather long, the muzzle short and robust, with a fairly wide and black nose.

The ears of the Border Terrier they fall on the sides of the cheeks and are small and V-shaped, the eyes can only be dark but always very lively. The tail is not long, even for practical purposes, and not even curved on the back, the hair has a thick undercoat, it must be hard and compact. According to the official standard - and hardly the Border Terrier sgarra - the colors allowed for this breed are red, corn, grizzle and tan, blue and tan.

Border Terrier: character

How should a hunting dog be born, raised and kept for this purpose if not rustic and tenacious? It is also gritty, energetic and lively. The Border Terrier He is also very sociable, though, and it is not a foregone trait for Terrier dogs who are sometimes intrepid in hunting, and he is, are not at all affectionate with the family. The Border Terrier stands out in its family for its friendliness and "companion" character which makes it appreciated even in domestic environments far from the idea of ​​hunting, prey, chasing and den.

This dog, welcomed into a family, becomes indisputably attached to a single person and follows him, cuddles him, defends him relentlessly. In particular loves children and with them he is patient and lively: excellent babysitter. At home, being very intelligent and obedient, she does not mess up and understands the rules on the fly, without having to insist.

Border Terrier: puppies

If we get used to a Border Terrier to obey our rules, then we are on horseback and we can be calm without supervising him: he is an intelligent and not at all spiteful dog, he almost never transgresses. For this reason, today the puppies of this breed are often sought for a future as a companion dog rather than as a discreet hunting dog that would only deal with small land game.

He may seem haughty because he is a smart dog, but when taken gently, a puppy of Border Terrier it is won immediately and it will be man's best friend. Not only that, even an animal well adaptable to the presence of other similar ones.

Border Terrier: breeding

The Border Terrier it is not very popular in our continent but it has its fans. The most numerous are at home, in England, in the other European States it is making its way, for the rest it continues to be a little known breed. In Italy, the two farms reported by the ENCI site are both located in Lombardy, one is in the province of Milan and the other in Pavia.

Border Terrier: video

I have often pointed out the sympathetic high of this dog and continue to do so with a video. A video in which we can see with our own eyes like the Border Terrier is to all intents and purposes a dog perfectly suited to be welcomed into our homes even if we have no ambition to hunt foxes and small game. On the web you will find many nice ones: this suggests that in the future this breed could gain fans and spread more, even and especially overseas.

Border Terrier: price

Today a puppy of Border Terrier from breeding it can cost from 800 to 1000 euros, but often you can also find a specimen to adopt, it is worth trying to look for one. If he is already a sweet and affectionate dog, let alone rescuing him from a state of abandonment.

It can also be counted on the fact that i Border Terrier they are animals that, although small, they never get sick. The only precaution: putting ourselves in their shoes, we consider that being very close to the asphalt is very affected by low temperatures. So better, much better, the comfortable sofa at home.

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