You work with the salt dough

You work with the salt dough

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You work with the salt dough: an illustrated guide that will allow you to create splendid jobs with DIY modeling clay or using the classic salt dough.

Do you like theyou work with the salt doughshown in the photo above? Let's start by telling you that you can easily make them with the help of your children and a simple boxed kit.

Kit to make salt dough and sculptures with salt dough

The kit in question contains all the material to make onenatural modeling clay(which you can prepare at home with our guides indicated at the end of the pages), a measuring cup, molds to help you create the most complex figures, tubes of paint, a brush and a booklet full of advice and above all illustrations to guide you in the realization of poultry such as rabbits, pigs and chickens. The product in question is offered on Amazon at a price of 29 euros with free shipping costs.

On the web and in shops there are a large number of kits with instructions and components to make the most varied jobs: from pets to miniature cakes. We recommended this because it preserves the theme of the garden, an important value to be passed on to your children. Maybe while you are doing the chores you can tell what the various courtyard animals feed on and when the various vegetables grow in the garden.

Any game for children can become educational, to give you an example, perhaps even a little banal ..."Sure, it took us only 15 minutes to make this carrot, but do you know that nature takes up to 120 days to grow a real carrot, starting from the seed?"

You can buy the complete kit to make the salt dough, complete with molds to make the sculptures on this Amazon page

How to make a rabbit with the salt dough kit

The following photo (taken from the kit booklet) shows the steps to make a rabbit with salt dough and a pig. It is twojobs with salt doughvery simple because they consist of rounded elements.

  • How to make a rabbit with salt dough
  • How to make a pig with salt dough

Another simple job you can do with thesalt doughis the classic cast of the child's hand, to be made on a circular medallion. You can obtain a perfect circumference by dissecting the salt dough with a compass to which you will have replaced the tip of the pencil with that of a toothpick or by using the cap of a large jar or a small pot. Pierce the medallion in one margin and, after having dried the salt dough in an optimal way, you can paint it and hang it at home using a colored ribbon.

The processing with the salt dough must be carried out when the dough is workable, therefore before cooking or allowing the modeling dough to dry on the radiators. Remember that the more thorough the drying, the longer yours will be preserved chore.

Color the salt dough pieces

The salt dough, as well as the modeled dough with flour, can be colored in two different ways. You can decide to color the salt dough with food dyes to be added when preparing the modeling clay itself or paint the salt dough only after cooking. For all the details on cooking and how to color the chores with salt doughwe refer you to the article dedicated to homemade salt dough present in the useful links at the end of the page.

Crafts with salt dough: how to make an owl with salt dough

Those with greater manual skills can try to make much more evolved jobs with salt dough. Of course, there are those who work with salt dough using the tools for working clay (mirette, scrapers, sticks, awls, kidney ...) while inI work with the salt doughthat follows a pair of scissors and a nail file are enough. The DIY that follows will explain, with illustrated photos, how to make an owl with salt dough.

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