World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day

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World Migratory Bird Day, falls on May 10, the date on which numerous awareness and information initiatives on this category of animals take off. Let us pause to think about what they mean to us. They are not the usual pets, dog-cat-goldfish, yet they have always been migratory birds they are synonymous with abundance.

They were once seen as a gift from heaven, so absolutely to be respected and welcomed. Today our conduct of life risks decimating them year after year. Year after year on May 10th we become aware of what we are up to, in World Migratory Bird Day.

World Day of Migratory Birds: what is celebrated

In World Migratory Bird Day animals are celebrated that we often do not realize how important they are for the entire ecosystem and for our life. Of course, we need to pause an extra minute to understand it, but we can take the whole World Migratory Bird Day to think about it.

To help us, numerous initiatives and the opportunity to look up from the small everyday life, towards the sky and towards a broader vision of our existence. We are inhabitants of a planet that needs to be well looked after, it's up to us to do it too, and the migratory birds that are decreasing day by day are proof that we are not doing it very well.

There are no direct actions to save these animals, not from our home, on the spot. In World Migratory Bird Day this must not be an excuse to remain idle. Let's see what behaviors damage these birds and their habitat in the long run. Which then often coincides with ours.

World Day of Migratory Birds: when it was born

There World Day of Migratory Birds was launched in 2006, so we are at the halfway point of the decade. A reason to put an extra gear in unleashing the awareness campaign that the occasion requires. The central theme, annually, on May 10th, is the global protection of migratory birds and their natural habitats.

The campaign is organized by two international treaties administered by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) - the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species belonging to wildlife (CMS) and the Agreement on the Conservation of Migratory Water Birds of Africa-Eurasia (AEWA).

Partners are not lacking but they are never enough, especially for a subject so difficult to make many of us who live in urban or very man-made contexts perceive “close”. Year after year, also to try to put the idea behind the World Migratory Bird Day a theme is decided to develop for the 24 hours of the anniversary, and in the following months.

World Day of Migratory Birds 2018

This year in the World Migratory Bird Day the message must reach the greatest number of people because the "stop poaching and illegal trade" that was called for last year did little and the illegal killing of wild animals including migratory birds continued.

Hunting, including that of migratory birds, is centuries old, but if once this activity was carried out to a sustainable extent, today very often this does not happen. To testify i millions of birds that are killed in the networks along the northern coast of Africa every year: just one example of the many around the world.

It is necessary to change the way of seeing, the logic of those who, in spite of the World Migratory Bird Day, sees these species as just to use. Meanwhile, there are 300 million fewer farmland birds on Earth since 1980.

Between hunting, entertainment, commercial exploitation and crime, the reasons why migratory birds are targeted are varied, it must be said a 360 degree stop. To make this stance difficult, there is also the fact that often from country to country, one goes from law to law, with practices that pass from legality to crime crossing a border. There are no rules, but the World Migratory Bird Day reminds us that the emergency exists and is strong.

Not only they fly but also agriculture and the tourism sector pay the costs. To combat illegal killing today there is one Task Force established by the CMS Secretariat, a first concrete response to the problem in the Mediterranean region, but it is on a global level, as is the day of 10 May, that action must be agreed. Actions.

World Day of Migratory Birds: what to do

On World Day of Migratory Birds, just stopping to think about the problem is already an excellent contribution, perhaps referring it to a friend. Given the poor media visibility of the Day compared to other more screamed ones. But you can always do more, here's how: organizing educational programs, seminars, bird watching events, visiting "bird-friendly" energy infrastructureby participating in public events for the World Day of Migratory Birds in your city.

To increase your awareness of the dangers facing migratory birds you can consult the official website of the World Migratory Bird Day , to increase that of others, we spread the word and download posters and logos with which to enrich our facebook wall. Who knows that someone will not be intrigued and inquire. Also on the site, we will find the various initiatives to participate in, online or in the flesh.

Migratory birds: photos

Looking up they don't look so good, so let's look at them in pictures, at least for World Migratory Bird Day.

Migratory birds: list

Here is a list of the various species, you will find very well known and totally unknown, but in the World Migratory Bird Day they are all celebrated.
Scops Owl
House Martin
Wood pigeon
Little Egret
Tower crane
Water rail
Arctic tern

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