Satisfying herbal teas, how to take them

Satisfying herbal teas, how to take them

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Satisfying herbal teas: ficus, horsetail, burdock, apple peel ... here are 4 recipes to prepare fantastic herbal teas with a strong satiating power. In addition to bringing various benefits to the body, they can help us lose weight.

When we are on a diet it becomes a real challenge to reduce portions. As soon as we start the diet, the sense of hunger undermines our intentions. With a bit of cunning and a few suggestions, however, we can satiate our appetite.

To make the most of the virtues of plants and avoid the intake of excess calories, we can rely on satiating herbal teas. Herbal teas are a good natural remedy to counter nervous hunger and thus prevent binge eating.

Why take satiating herbal teas?

How many times have we ended up eating and a few moments later get hungry again? It is a very common situation, which can potentially lead us to obesity. Those who love natural methods and believe in their therapeutic effect, can resort to satiating herbal teas!

Benefits of satiating herbal teas

Medicinal plants, in addition to providing various benefits to the body, can help us lose weight. In fact, when we are on a diet, some plants:

  • They favor intestinal transit
  • They improve digestion
  • They fight water retention
  • They satiate for at least two hours, thus avoiding the temptation to snack between meals.

Satisfying herbal teas, the recipes

On this page we will show you the best satiating herbal teas to prepare at home. Let's see them together.

Herbal tea based on burdock root

Burdock root can be found in any herbal medicine: it is known above all for its beneficial action on the liver and for its digestive virtues. Burdock contains inulin, phytosterols, and phenolic acids. It is an excellent antiseptic, calms inflammation, water retention, has a satiating effect and aids digestion. For further information, we invite you to read the article "Burdock, properties and contraindications"

How to take burdock root

Drink one or two cups of herbal tea a day, after the main meals. For the preparation it is sufficient to infuse 5 grams of burdock root in 200ml of hot water
Burdock is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone taking medicines for heart problems.

Satisfying herbal tea with fucus

The fucus is particularly suitable in slimming diets for its strong satiating power. Fucus contains antioxidants, vitamin C and carotenoids; it can be taken in the form of tea or herbal tea.

How to take the fucus tea

Fucus herbal teas are already available for use, in pharmacies or herbalists. You can drink one or two cups a day, after main meals.
The fucus contains iodine, which is why it is not recommended for those suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Horsetail tea

The horsetail tea is diuretic, detoxifying, rich in vitamins and minerals and is an excellent natural supplement for our diet. For more information read "Horsetail, properties and benefits"

How to take horsetail tea

Drink one cup a day, after the main meal. For the preparation, just leave 5 grams of horsetail to infuse in 200ml of hot water.
It is not recommended for pregnant women and for those suffering from hypertension

Apple peel tea

Apple peel proves to be an effective remedy to speed up our metabolism and also brings a large amount of benefits. It has no side effects and is an excellent drink to be consumed after meals.

How to take apple peel tea

Bring a glass of water to a boil and add the peel of an organic apple. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a cinnamon stick. Leave to infuse for twenty minutes then strain everything ... and here it is ready to drink.

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