Rust converter, how it works

Rust converter, how it works

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Rust converter, how it works and how to use itto eliminate rust and prevent its formation. Rust converter, price and practical instructions for use.

Therust converterit is a very convenient product that helps us eliminate rust from railings, gates and iron objects without the need for sanding.

Rust converter, how it works

Warning!We said without sanding but it will be necessary to remove any peeling paint and friable rust, so before using the converter it will be advisable to prepare the iron in this way:

  • Pass along the entire surface to be treated with rust converter, an iron brush.
  • With a cloth soaked in white spirit, clean the surface and allow to dry completely.
  • Spread the rust converter.

Thererustit is transformed into an inert compound of dark color, which can be repainted with any enamel and not with the classic one anti-rust. The rust converter it is very convenient because it allows you to apply even simple enamels for iron and not necessarily anti-rust enamels, so as to have a wider choice of colors.

Rusty metal is one thing and another thing is a piece of metal with surface layers rich in peeling paint and brittle rust.

If you have an iron bench or a slightly rusted gate, the iron converter is perfect because the preliminary work is reduced to a minimum (eliminate surface dust). If you have a railing rich in rust, where the paint layer is no longer distinguishable, in this case it will not be enough to apply theconverterand you will need to brush to remove any layer "flaky ". The preliminary procedure is necessary to allow perfect adhesion of therust converterto metal.

Rust converter, how to use

The yield and waiting times before painting vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, however the use ofrust converterit is almost the same. Likeremove rust from iron with a converter?

  • - 1. Eliminate the parts not adhering to the iron surface.
  • - 2. Eliminate any traces of grease
    (that's why we recommend cleaning with white spirit).
  • - 3. Apply therust converterwith a brush for water-based paints, with a roller brush or with a spray applicator.
  • - 4. The product must be used at temperatures between 5 and 40 ° C and applied evenly, like a simple paint.
  • - 5. Wait for the drying times (from 15 minutes to 24 hours) and then paint with the chosen enamel.

The use is very simple. Therust converterit is a very delicate water or synthetic resin based product: avoid dipping the brush directly into the purchase bottle! Transfer theconverterin another container and, at the end of the work, throw away the residual product without pouring it into the bottle ... better a little waste than having to make all the leftover product unusable!

Why not dip the brush directly into the bottle? For the same reason why the advanced emulsion should not be poured into the bottle: if there are residues of rust on the brush or in the leftover liquid, you risk making theconverterwhich would react inside the bottle with the residual rust of the brush.

Rust converter, price

There are several on the marketrust convertersand therefore prices may vary. The most reliable products are the converterFerox of ArexonsisNeoferofSaratoga.

If you prefer online shopping,Ferox on Amazonyou buy at the price of 18.70 euros (with free shipping) for the 750 ml bottle. How much converter do you need? With a liter of product you can get to make 12 square meters of surface but a lot depends on the thickness of the rust, if the iron is very rusty the yield drops to 9 - 10 square meters.

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