Russian Toy: character and breeding

Russian Toy: character and breeding

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Russian Toy, a small companion dog born in Russia by "mistake". Or rather, trying to recreate an English breed, an unexpected dog turned up. It is liked and has become this leading animal today, made in Russia and in two varieties: long-haired and short-haired.

Russian Toy: origins

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in Russia, especially in the wealthiest classes, the English Toy-Terriers. As companion dogs also with their own ornamental role. They were in great demand, until from the 1920s to the 1950s the country's farms reduced their ability to reproduce and sell them. This was followed by an obvious decline in population, sudden, and up to the point of fearing an extinction of the much-loved English race, throughout the Russian territory. Here comes the our Russian Toy. Soon …

A team of experts Russian cynologists in the mid-1950s, the standard of this breed was put at a good pace to restore it and thus be able to "give" new specimens to their people who had loved them so much. And he claimed them. The result of their studies is the Russian Toy.

Yes, because the identified standard turned out to be decidedly different from that of the English Toy-Terrier in many fundamental points. Impossible to pass the Russian Toy for a revival of the already existing English, for which this all-Russian breed was created and developed and then continued on its particular path. A road with a fork, because the Long-haired Russian Toy and the Short-haired Russian Toy.

Russian Toy Terrier

The Russian Toy it is a small, elegant, lively dog, at the withers it measures from 20 to 28 cm while as a weight, we are around 3 kg, or rather, maximum 3 kg. a tiny skeleton well covered by a lean musculature.

The shape of the Russian Toy it is inscribed in a square, the chest is deep enough, the tail if not cropped, has the shape of a sickle, preferably, and remains no lower than the line of the back. The limbs of this breed, despite the small size, are tall and muscular. Both for the feet and for the legs, black nails or in the shade of the coat are noticed.

Round and always high, naturally small, the head is not at all a big head: it is not wide and the muzzle is even pointed and lean, with a Black nose usually and of small size. The cheekbones are slightly protruding while the eyes are a little so: large, round and "hyperthyroid", dark and lively. The ears of this breed are slightly larger than they should, considering the overall size, they are thin and with high set, plus the Russian Toy it almost always carries them upright.

Russian short-haired toy

As for the coat, it can be of two types and this characteristic gives life to two varieties: long-haired (Longhaired Russian Toy Terrier) and short-haired (Smooth haired Toy Terrier). The colors allowed by the standard are always the same in both cases: black-and-tan, brown-and-tan, blue-and-tan, and even fawn, sometimes with a black or brown shade. In Italy before the short-haired version was strong, today less.

Long-haired Russian Toy

Compared to Russian Toy short-haired, the long-haired one is a copy that differs only in the tufts of hair on the ears. This alternative variety was born in October 1958 in Moscow. She was born when a two-year-old male was born Russian Toy short-haired but with features where it seemed slightly elongated.

The newborn immediately attracted attention for his new look, striking due to the excess hair on his ears and limbs. The Russians have decided not to punish him as a punk or a rebel but to stabilize these characters by crossing him with a female with similar long-haired tendencies. Today, and not now, i really like Long-haired Russian Toy and in Italy they are almost overtaking their short-haired colleagues.

Russian Toy: character

As you ask a pet dog, the Russian Toy he is affectionate and sociable, open and never aggressive. But not only that: this little animal is very intelligent and active, it has great confidence in its owner when it chooses it to be such and remains very devoted to it for life. Even if it is an apartment and a family, it is also excellent for children dog made in Russia he has a strong character, he is never afraid, he is not aggressive but very lively and active.

Russian Toy: farms

In Italy the Russian Toy it is not a very common dog but neither is it unknown. In 2011, the ENCI site reported a boom in registered specimens, 40, but they then almost halved in the following years. The farms are present on the territory, from North to South. There is one in Campania, in the Caserta area, another in Reggio Emilia, in Emilia Romagna, another in the province of Brescia (Lombardy) and finally in Ancona, in the Marche. Let's not forget the two farms of Russian Toy near the capital.

Russian Toy: price

A Russian Toy puppyhas a price that can vary between 500 and 800 euros. On line there may be different offers, the price also varies from requests and availability in the farms, I always recommend contacting them directly, to receive information on the cost of the specimens but also on the ways in which they are raised and delivered to you.

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