Remove the rust from the tiles

Remove the rust from the tiles

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Remove the rust from the tiles: instructions for eliminating rust from floors, walls, tile joints and any type of surface.

Rust on tiles is formed when they come into contact with metal material in the oxidation phase. On this page we will see how to remove rust from tiles and other very common accessories such as radiators, garden furniture, outdoor benches… The natural remedies listed below can be applied to eliminate rust on any surface.Warning!Experiment with the natural remedy first on a small area of ​​the material to be treated so as to avoid any collateral damage.

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Remove the rust from the tiles

Salt and lemon

Salt and lemon are two natural remedies that can be used in combination or separately.

If you need to remove rust from a marble floor or natural stone wall, use only fine kitchen salt. Moisten the salt with water to create a sort of very consistent batter. Spread the salt paste on the stain and leave for 5 - 6 hours, rub and wash with plenty of cold water.

Lemon is slightly corrosive, so it cannot be used on marble and other delicate surfaces. You can use it by letting it act for an hour on the rust stain and then scrubbing well with a stiff bristle brush. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, you can make a paste with lemon juice and fine salt.

Coca Cola

Coca-cola has an acidic pH and for this reason it dissolves the oxidation layers of iron or deposited and encrusted on other surfaces. The action is simple: pour coca cola on the surface to be treated, let it act for about 20 minutes and then scrub vigorously using a stiff bristle brush.

Pure white vinegar

More suitable for delicate surfaces, try using it on rusty wood by repeating the operation 4 - 5 times within a day. For application: soak a sponge with pure white vinegar and vigorously rub the rust stain to be removed. Before carrying out the treatment, you can leave the vinegar on for a whole night.

Remove rust from tiles: products on the market

Unfortunately, natural remedies are not always effective. After experimenting with the above, if the rust stains on the floor, house wall or marble persist, it is possible to rely on specially developed products. A large number of products can be found on the marketeliminates - multi-surface rust.

Among the various market proposals I recommend the Wepos rust remover, offered on Amazon at a price of 13.10 euros with free shipping costs. Even if there is no description of the product, I assure you that it is very effective: I managed to eliminate the rust from the porphyry cubes of the garden (external floor) and from the joints of the tiles. It is a German product, so much so that the seller has translated its name with "Solvent for anti-rust paints" but I assure you that it is a multi-surface anti-rust solvent ... I have never used it on painted surfaces so I can't tell you what effect will make.

The product that I have reported to you is based on water and organic sulfur compounds capable ofto meltthe layer ofruston any surface. At home, you can use it to remove rust from:

  • shiny tiles
  • matte tiles
  • stoneware
  • ceramic surfaces
  • natural stones
  • artificial stones
  • outdoor furniture
  • metal tools
  • rusty piping
  • rusty radiator
  • metal fences
  • garden floors

It can also be used on already painted masonry but in this case, if the paint shows cracks, it is recommended to remove it.

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