Flower of Friendship

Flower of Friendship

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Flower of Friendship, there is not only one in truth, just as there is not a single friend and above all every bond of friendship is different from the other. Just the language of flowers, like few others, often much more than that made up of words, manages to give voice to our feelings. Whichever flower we will choose at the end of the article, let's not forget to place one of these next to it phrases about friendship.

With a Flower of Friendship even the timid can best express what they feel, remind those close to us how important it is for us not by “making them the bunch” but by giving them one. It is the best way to show attention, affection, tenderness, gratitude and all the others shades of friendship. In India, for example, they are very popular Orchids, combined, both white and purple, or the Pink roses but with the greedy addition of typical chocolate sweets.

The July 20 in many countries, unfortunately not yet with us, but in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay yes, the Flower of Friendship is given to those who deserve it with greeting cards and bracelets, on the occasion of “Día del Amigo”. I would not wait until 20 July and I would not limit myself to a bouquet of flowers a year, however, to show a friend how important it is to me. Let's see the ways to do this to choose the most suitable. To us, but above all to those who receive ours floral thinking.

Flower of Friendship: what they are

To choose the Flower of Friendship it is necessary to refer to the classic types but also taking personal tastes into account. A Flower of Friendship traditional is the Pink geranium, for example, but also the yellow roses and i Tulips they are very popular, not to mention the Daisies and gods Sunflowers. With their luminous simplicity, they are in my opinion the best to celebrate a bond like friendship, especially if history and stainless. And that brings light even in dark moments.

A Flower of Friendship it can also be chosen based on color, with blue we emphasize the loyalty of a relationship, with green vitality, yellow expresses joy and red, notoriously, romanticism. However, if we have a friend who is passionate about gardening, we can think of a vintage vase decorated with wild flowers inside, I would give more than a classic to a bizarre friend Flower of Friendship a mix of tropical flowers, weird like him.

I would dedicate a bunch of sunflowers to a friend who is having a bad time to remind her to look up to the source of light and heat to bloom again soon. The more you know the language of flowers the easier it is to choose the Flower of Friendship that best tells our feeling, better read up so as not to undermine it involuntarily.

Flower of Friendship: what it represents

There yellow rose is considered by many to be the Flower of Friendship official, the yellow tea rose in particular, with its red-edged petals, it is the symbol of the 'International Friendship Day ' that unofficially the United States, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries are celebrating, each in their own way. There is one reason for it, in the yellow rose: the color lights up the heart and gives hope for a new beginning. Positive messages and friendship also contain the flowers of Acacia, Wisteria, Amaranth, Agave and Gerbera, the latter specializes in the intricate relationship that is established between friends.

Beyond sex, however, for those friends who we consider "historical" the Flower of Friendship suitable is undoubtedly the Snowdrop but also the Ivy it fits well as it is an evergreen climbing plant that endures, faithful. If the bond is steeped in admiration, to express it there are the pink carnations while the Forget-me-not explicitly tells the friend that we think and will always and often think about it. And gladly.

Lesser known flowers that well represent friendship are also that Periwinkle blue (or Vinca) and Zinnia: it has rounded flowers which are a symbol of lasting and constant affection. I am the Flower of Friendship recommended for a distant friend. It might seem absurd to us, a friend might take us for crazy, but if he is an open minded person or a lover of Japanese culture, we can like Flower of Friendship give him the Chrysanthemum. In fact, in the East it is the traditional symbol of friendship, conveying joy and optimism, joy and abundance.

Friendship flowers: photos

A Flower of Friendship it must have a meaning but it must also please us at first sight. The eye wants its part, beyond the language of flowers, so let's take a look at some flowers that we could give. Or receive.

Flower of Friendship (Ipomea Purpurea): where to buy seeds

If friendship is to be cultivated, why not also cultivate the Flower of Friendship? Starting from the seeds. And what a marvel it will be to give a person important to us, a flower that we ourselves have given birth. Whatever type we choose, I bet it will be the best "designed" for those who receive it, I recommend, and I already cultivate. It's a flower growing kit with two semi-greenhouses and various bags of seeds to transform into beauty.

Flower of Friendship: tattoo

The yellow rose is also in the tattoos Flower of Friendship par excellence, given that the squad itself is already very popular. We see it also appear alongside the name, or set in a landscape, alongside a face or other flowers. If this symbol does not convince us, since it is a tattoo, let's find one that can last and please us forever.

The lily is another Flower of Friendship which is often proposed, or the Iris and the pink carnation. The Cornflower, with its bright blue, is also a traditional symbol of friendship, tenderness, reliability, fidelity and also synonymous with renewal. For a tattoo it's a great permanent message. For a friend who is no longer there, the Flower of Friendship to always have with us, on the skin, is the Pansy.

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