Robot vacuum cleaner, which one to buy

Robot vacuum cleaner, which one to buy

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Robot vacuum cleaner: leopinionsof users who have already tested it to hunt for the best. Tips before buying and features to be evaluated.

They have only been on the market for a few years, it is aboutcleaning robothigh potential home: let's talk aboutrobot vacuum cleanerand / orfloor cleaning robot. Lot ofcleaning robothousekeepers manage to clean floors with a scheduled cleaning system. How does it work? Basically you go out and… when you return, as if by magic, you will find the floor clean! On this page we will examine the best models on the market in order to understand the technical specifications to be taken into account at the time of purchase.

Robot vacuum cleaner, how does it work?

In this paragraph we will explain how it works and what are the characteristics to look for in thebest robot vacuum cleaner.

THErobot vacuum cleanerthey work like a classic trailed vacuum cleaner, with the big difference that they can move freely around the house, are compact, equipped with wheels and do not need wires. Robot vacuum cleanerswirelessthey weigh only from 3 to 5 kg (depending on the model) and have a variable autonomy (depending on the suction power).

They are equipped with sensors so they automatically avoid obstacles in the house (sofa, chairs, tables, stairways…) and, when the battery is about to run out, they automatically return to the base to recharge the batteries.

Robot vacuum cleaners vary in function, autonomy, weight, suction power (efficiency), charging times, tank capacity and… noise: among the most recent models there are the quietest ones. Typically the battery of the more expensive models is around 90 - 120 minutes and the tank capacity is at least 0.7 liters.

At the basis of the functioning of therobot vacuum cleaner, as well as those intended for washing floors, there are isensors. The sensors allow therobot vacuum cleanerto make ainstant mappingof the room in which they have to move, thus managing to regulate the direction of travel.

They manage to overcome small differences in height while if they encounter large steps or a wall, they are ready to back down. The sensors also have another function: they are able to recognize the type of floor so as tocalibratethe power and the suction mode… For example, if you have thecarpet, do not worry, therobot vacuum cleanerhe will recognize it and will immediately be more delicate in that area.

Another advantage of somerobot vacuum cleaneris that they can bemanaged remotely(they can also be activated outside the home) using an application on the smartphone, in this case therobot vacuum cleanermust be connected to the home wifi modem which will act as an intermediary betweenrequest sent through the appisanswerby therobot vacuum cleaner. The answer, of course, is to clean the floor.

Floor cleaning robot

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    Scooba is the floor cleaning version of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners, the best models

Roomba by iRobot

IRobot's Roomba series is certainly the most popular. Prices fluctuate a lot depending on the model, the one with the best quality / price ratio is undoubtedly the Roomba 871 which can be bought with 649 euros (2015 model). The model mentioned is very performing but it is not the last of the Roomba series. The most recent is the Roomba 980 which uses the iAdapt 2.0 navigation system with optical location: it is able to process the map of the environment by keeping track of any object until it finishes cleaning. It recharges automatically if the battery runs out during a cleaning phase and when ready, it resumes cleaning until it finishes. It can be programmed and warns when its basket is full. Its autonomy goes up to 120 minutes of non-stop cleaning. It can be managed with the smartphone.

Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

Process and recognize 98% of obstacles. The latest addition to the Kobold house is the VR 200 robot vacuum cleaner. Its autonomy is 0 minutes, what are its advantages? It is only 9 cm high so it can easily slip under the bed too! It is very quiet (it emits only 70 dB) and when it is discharged, it automatically recharges and finishes the work started. The VR 200 is a 2015 model. The price is 749 euros.

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