Orto Urbano ... even on the terrace!

Orto Urbano ... even on the terrace!

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Urban garden it is the solution for those who know they have a green thumb but do not have a garden or land in which to demonstrate it, to themselves and to the world, and to their neighbor. With this clever gimmick it is now possible cultivating even where you never imagined you could do it, creating a real small green mobile unit, complete with "rotating wheels", to make up for the lack of a ground that welcomes the seeds and plants, and dreams, we want water and let it bloom.

On the terrace, Urban garden it's perfect, but not only: even in a smaller balcony, in verandas, offices and apartments. This is an easy to assemble kit consisting of three robust components, studied and specially made to withstand prolonged use and climates that are not always favorable.

Urban garden... even on the terrace, but not only, it is always ecological, reusable, and customizable. It is a simple green idea that adapts to everyone's needs and abilities. And I mean both on a personal level, as a grower or lover of flowered balconies, and in terms of space availability: you don't always have the balcony or attic you want.

With Urban garden also on a terrace micro you can create your own small garden: if cared for with love and following the advice of the creators, it will bear fruit. And vegetables and flowers. Made almost entirely of wood and metal, Orto Urbano is ecological and also reusable, thanks to the fact that the kit has standard components that can be combined in various ways.

So if you want to revolutionize your own green corner of terrace, can be easily disassembled and reassembled in a different configuration, the one that best suits the new general arrangement. It's not over: the ingenious simplicity of this Urban garden it also allows us to customize everything with a coat of color, for example, the container is made of raw wood, so it lends itself well to the most bizarre decorations, including decoupage.

The idea of ​​cultivating your own Urban garden autonomously, it naturally also includes the possibility of choosing the measure with which to do it. The kit is available in three sizes, in fact: small (internal measurements of 80x60x20h cm) large (internal measurements of 120x80x20h cm) and maxi (internal measurements of 120x100x20h cm). If so far I have talked about versatility in terms of furnishings, I must confirm this quality of the urban garden also from the point of view of its "agricultural" use: thanks to the stackable walls we will be able to decide how much and how to plant the plants we want to grow.

Let's start with open the kit: we find a bench and a folding collar-wall, both in fir wood, and a platform in perforated phenolic plywood. After positioning the pallet, we widen the walls following the guides and position the walls above the pallet, then we place the platform on top of the pallet. Got ours Urban garden, even on the terrace, mobile to our liking, we can forget the anxiety of halos on the floor or stagnation of water to be found and cleaned.

With a simple gesture, whenever we want and without breaking our back as would happen with any vase or container, we can clean the space occupied by the wheeled pallets also making the water flow better during watering.

All that remains is to choose what to grow, together with the desire to have a green and lush terrace. Carrots, basil, rocket, zucchini and tomatoes, but also flowers and other vegetables: we can indulge ourselves by then identifying the best positioning depending on the guest of our Urban garden.

Before fleeing to the official website, hustling, to choose the kit that fits best on our terrace and what to grow, to give our neighbor an excellent starting point, a little excursus on the beautiful history of the family company that had this idea . Today it has based in Lissone (MB), in Brianza, but in the sixties it all started in the center of Milan.

The grandfather of the current brothers of Urban garden, Alessandro and Massimo, had a production and marketing warehouse for packaging products in Corso Garibaldi. As luxuriant as our seedlings will be thanks to the vase-mobile of their invention, the business began to need more space and the time has come to move to its current location.

A consolidated and successful product, Urban garden today it is bringing many small and large green spots to the terraces of those who had already put a stone on the idea of ​​having their own space to water. More and more offices, shops and restaurants, as well as individual citizens with a green heart, are reaping the benefits of the mobile kit and, being truly mobile, his adventure does not stop there.

On the site of Urban gardens, where now I let you escape, we also find useful video tutorials created together with San Fruttuoso Gardening Center in Monza with many tips on how create virtuous mini gardens and evergreen gardens even in winter.

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