Sphynx cat: character and price

Sphynx cat: character and price

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Sphynx cat, said nicely Sphynx or more correctly Canadian Sphynx, fully deserves and without taking offense, the nickname "spelacchiatone". It is a Canadian hairless cat, as you can notice at first even with a distracted glance: it comes from overseas and began to emerge as a breed around the seventies.

If its most obvious peculiarity is that of being equipped with a naked coat, with at most imperceptible hair, it also has a singular character that makes it perfect for apartment life, much more than some little dogs of the same size but less friendly and adaptable. .

Sphynx cat: origins

The first specimens of Sphynx cat they were called Nellie and Dick: it was 1902 and we're in New Mexico, these two animals are the survivors of a lineage of cats that belonged to Indians of a local pueblo. They emerge completely naked from an early age, without their knowledge, due to a spontaneous mutation due to recessive gene called "hairless".

Around the world others sprout without explanation or consequence, until the seventies when in Canada they began to seriously breed it, starting from some specimens of Sphynx cat found cold on the street in the middle of winter. Let's imagine the scene, and today who this has become nice spelacchione. If the homeland remains Canada, for this breed, the breeder is a Dutchman (Hugo Hernandez) who in 1978 worked hard to make the existence of the Canadian Sphynx, breed with progenitors Punkie and Paloma.

Sphynx cat: standard

The body of the Sphynx cat it is practically hairless, of medium length, firm and muscular. If it were puny you would immediately notice it, instead it is robust and with a rounded belly. As for nudity, the more "roughness" of the skin, the greater the value of the specimen. The colors of the little hair that can appear are all accepted, including the tabby (brindle), piebald, tortie (tortoiseshell) and color point.

For the rest, the head appears slightly longer than wide with the cheekbones protruding, large and wide ears emerge slightly rounded as well as the eyes. Always a lot large and expressive, have a lemon shape and can be of any shade even if the blue ones are the most sought after. Moving on to the feet, they are very strange to see, because they have prominent, long and thin toes and it looks like the Sphynx cat you walk on eggs, the tail is fine and increasingly fine but it can also appear style "lion tail“, Complete with hairy tuft at the end.

Sphynx cat: appearance

Having said that it is Sphynx cat it is hairless or almost, the peculiarity of its appearance is not finished: always the coat has three versions. That said Rubber to the touch it feels like rubber, or one of those modern soft “non-slip” materials, much more pleasant than the typology Peach - peach effect - soft but velvety. Then there is the Sphynx cat with skin named Wax - looks like wax, is more prone to greasy secretion and must be cleaned very often.

Sphynx cat: character

As already mentioned, I don't know if why hairless, but the Sphynx cat he has a very anomalous character compared to his other feline colleagues, even domestic ones: he is very cheerful and does not distrust anyone, whether human or furry four-legged animal like him. Intelligent but not vain, he is always very affectionate towards the owner and also towards the guests: anyone who knocks on the door for the Sphynx cat he is welcome.

Make one great tenderness, naked and enthusiastic, welcoming and with a great desire to participate in family life that one cannot help but be fond of him. Even if the absence of a cloak arouses perplexity, to me first. It is really true that we must not stop at the surface: this cat is one of the best to keep in the apartment, you feel full-fledged family member and participate in every situation. It lacks that it contributes to the condominium expenses, and then it is the ideal roommate.

Sphynx cat: breeding

Being a very healthy and robust feline, the only precaution that is necessary to have with the Sphynx cat is that not suffer from the cold for obvious reasons. Keeping it in an apartment is a must, and also in rooms with a temperate climate. In addition, to allow him to maintain a good body temperature, he should be fed large quantities of high-protein food more often. Some of our time will be devoted to cleaning the skin: wet wipes are enough and in the summer, absolutely essential high protection sun cream. The eyes are also sensitive due to the lack of lashes.

Sphynx cat: price

Suitable for those who want a flatmate affectionate, intelligent and cuddly but not clingy, the Sphynx cat it has a rather high price. The minimum expense to be faced for a specimen of this breed is 1,500 euros, and it is better to rely on certified and recognized breeders, both for its rarity, both for the amount involved. Another useful information before making such an investment concerns the hypoallergenic cat's reputation Sphynx cat. It is true that having no hair, it does not cause allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to animal hair, but if what creates problems is the protein contained in the saliva of cats (Fel D1), then this breed is to be excluded like all the others.

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