How to attract butterflies, the guide

How to attract butterflies, the guide

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How to attract butterfliesin the garden or on the balcony. From flowers to butterfly favorite plants, instructions for attracting butterflies to our garden.

Thebutterfliesenrich the garden with new colors, those who love nature photography or want to protect biodiversity may feel the need toattract butterfliesin the garden on the balcony of the house.

Zero pesticides!

Thebutterfliesplay an important role, that of pollination! With their light colored flight they manage tofertilizethe flowers and testify to the integrity of the environment they populate. If you are used to pesticides, insecticides and other chemical repellents in your garden, then you have little chance ofattract butterflies!The first advice, in fact, forattract butterfliesin the garden it does not consist in cultivating certain flowering plants, but in eliminating the use of chemical pesticides.

How to attract butterflies

The flowery meadow

Flowering meadow planting is a perfect strategy for attracting butterflies of different species and colors. The flowery meadow, if well designed, behaves like a natural meadow full of scalar blooms that manage to attract butterflies in a short time!

If you don't have much space in your garden, you can dedicate only a corner or a peripheral space to the flowery lawn. A few square meters are needed to obtain a flowerbed capable of attracting butterflies at any time of the year.

The flowery meadow, if left to thrive up to a height of at least 40 cm, will succeed in attract a large number of birds in your garden.

Water, source of life

Perhaps it will seem strange to you but ... also thebutterfliesthey drink! So, to ensure a constant presence in your garden, prepare a tub of water.

Warning! The tub must be only a few centimeters deep otherwise it could cause the drowning of the butterflies that reach out to drink. Always keep the water level flush with the edge, plus the tray will be able to attract bees, bumblebees and birds.

Beware of the caterpillar

If it is true that butterflies help the vegetable garden and the garden, it is also true that the butterfly develops from the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. Caterpillars and butterflies are two sides of the same coin, if you likeattract butterflies to the gardenyou will have to get used to the presence of the caterpillars.

Caterpillars represent a "side effect" to be accepted without reserve, they spend their entire life feeding on young and tender plant tissues, so if you have a vegetable garden, they will target the plants richest in sap. Those who have only ornamental plants can rest assured: the caterpillars attack them only if they find nothing else ... for the caterpillar, the ornamental plant represents the last food beach!

When the caterpillars have reached optimal development, they will begin to weave a cocoon within which the long-awaited metamorphosis will occur.

Favorite flowers of butterflies

Thebutterfliesthey are attracted by flowers and in general by plants characterized by the abundant production of nectar. They love large flower heads (such as large daisies), flowers with an intense fragrance and colorful flowers, especially they prefer yellow, orange, red and purple flowers. Thebutterfliesare attracted to a large number of flowers, you can start by planting the flowers listed below in your garden:

  • Buddleja davidii
    This deciduous shrub with arching branches is visible in the photo above.
  • Lantana room
  • Spirea spp
  • Weigelia spp
  • Pyracanta spp
    The ideal would be to set up a hedge of piracanta.
  • Lilacs of the syringa vulgaris species
  • Lantana sellowiana

Plants to attract butterflies

In addition to flowers, there are many plants, even spontaneous ones, capable of attract butterflies. Among the plants that you can grow on the balcony or in the garden fordraw butterflieswe point out the aromatic ones, in particular:

  • sage,
  • lavender,
  • thyme,
  • verbena,
  • rosemary.

Also spontaneous plants such as ivy and nettlesattract butterflies, especially the most decorative and widespread ones in our country, theVanesse. Among the spontaneous plants able to attract butterflies we point out:

  • dandelion
  • wild violets
  • hawthorn
  • honeysuckle
  • Willow
  • primroses
  • meadow sage

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