Aquatic mint, cultivation and properties

Aquatic mint, cultivation and properties

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Aquatic mint: properties, cultivation, characteristics and natural remedies. All the information on this spontaneous plant that grows on the banks of waterways.

Unlike its more famous cousin, thepeppermint, aquatic mint does not enjoy the same popularity, yet it has many properties to offer and many tricks up its sleeve!

Aquatic mint, cultivation

Aquatic mint is a plant that grows spontaneously in very humid and marshy soils. Those who intend to cultivate it, can take it will not have to devote much attention to the pint: it is a very rustic and therefore resistant species. The only condition for its cultivation is the soil: it needs a soil that is always moist or even marshy. In nature, aquatic mint grows along rivers, pools, streams, dams, reservoirs, wet meadows or swamps.

Prepare a peaty and moist soil, the reaction is not decisive because mint grows both on slightly acidic soils and on calcareous soils. Its cultivation is widespread especially in Northern Europe, from which an essential oil and a series of extracts with multiple properties are obtained.

Aquatic mint, properties and characteristics

If you are on the hunt for natural herbal remedies, theaquatic mintis the one for you! Thanks to its multiple property, the aquatic mint manages to counteract a large number of minor ailments. It belongs to the same genus as peppermint and has many beneficial properties. The leaves and flowering tops of the plant "aquatic mint" are used.

Thanks to its active ingredients (menthol, cineole, mentofuran, terpenes, resins, tannins ...), the plant boasts many properties: antispasmodic, carminative, diaphoretic, refrigerant, vasodilator, antiseptic, astringent, cholagogue, stimulant, stomachic, calming pain , emetic and tonic.

You can collect aquatic mint along a stream and dry it in shady places with a good air exchange. Dried mint should be stored in porcelain jars and infusions and macerates are prepared to be consumed after meals to reduce the sensation ofabdominal bloating. Aquatic mint infusions and macerates are considered a good onenatural remedyagainst headaches and digestive difficulties, for this purpose they are used after meals.

In the summer, you can use the dried leaves to prepare a soothing bath against stretch marks and irritation. Thanks to their refreshing properties, water mint-based compresses can have an excellent soothing effect in case of sunburn.

How to prepare a diuretic and digestive infusion?
Boil a cup of water containing a teaspoon of dried aquatic mint. From boiling, wait 5 minutes, turn off the stove, let it cool and filter.

Aquatic mint baths have toning, refreshing and anti-itch properties: they help soothe irritation and itching. They are prepared by adding two handfuls of dried aquatic mint to the hot water of the tub.

Aquatic mint essential oil

To make the most of thepropertyof theaquatic mintit is possible to take advantage of its essential oil. The essential oil of aquatic mint is obtained through an extraction process by steam distillation.

Where to buy aquatic mint essential oil?
Unlike the essential oil of peppermint, which is very easy to find and also cheap, the essential oil of aquatic mint is not easily found on the market. Those who really do not want to do without it can try making essential oil at home.

Homemade aquatic mint essential oil

The steam distillation process can be done at home with the DIY, using a modified pressure cooker or by purchasing a still. Those who have a machine to produce steam (such as those used for cleaning the face) could channel the steam nozzle into a cannula connected to a bottle while in the water chamber they should insert a water mint macerate. All the instructions for making essential oil at home, including a demonstration video, are available on the page dedicated tosteam distillation.

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