Remedies for snails

Remedies for snails

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Remedies against snails in the garden: how to protect the garden from snails with or without shells, red snails or slugs. Effective and do-it-yourself remedies.

Snails, snails, slugs, slugs, red snails ... someone may also find them cute (I love them) but they are very harmful to the garden! Let's clarify immediately that snails and slugs are both snails. The snails are snails with shells from which they cannot detach themselves, while the slugs are snails without any protection. Both can be large or small, in fact we speak of slugs or red snails in the case of red slugs.

Red snails are among the most harmful species for the Italian garden. They are very hungry and devour everything. The remedies contained on this page are useful for warding off any type of snail. Other solutions have been described on the page"How to get rid of snails".

Snails in the vegetable garden and in the garden

The presence ofsnails in the gardenit is immediately recognizable by the strips of drool that these leave everywhere. The drool, drying, dries and forms a translucent film visible to the naked eye. Another clear sign of the presence of snails are the lesions operated on the leaf blade or juicy fruits. The nicks left by snails are always in the center and never at the edges of the leaves, and they never fall on the ribs: snails eat the most tender part of your lettuce!

Thesnailsthey have a tongue (it is called a radula) which can be compared to an abrasive file for wood. It is thanks to the radula that they manage to pierce the cuticles of the seeds, the glume of the cereals and the peels of the fruit!

Thesnailsthey feed on your crop, whatever it is, but prefer strawberries, spinach, kale, asparagus, potatoes, lettuce and pears. They also feed on ornamental plants such as hostas, all bulbous plants and arabis.

Remedies for snails

Snails love humid, shady and water-rich places. Snails fear dehydration and that is why they have nocturnal habits. They spend the day in places sheltered by vegetation or in cracks and holes in walls, while at night they feed in the vegetable garden. The snails, that is the snails with the shell, face a sort of summer lethargy (aestivation) by closing the shell with a whitish patina (diaphragm). Slugs (snails without shells) as well asred snailsthey are more resistant to dehydration and therefore more harmful to the garden, even in summer.

Getting to know snails helps us fight them. The fight against snails can be implemented in different ways. The manual struggle consists in mechanically removing the snails away from the garden.

When to go hunting for snails?
The manual fight is carried out at the first light of dawn, when the snails are about to return to their daytime burrows.
Where to look for snails?
Start looking in the bushes that rest on the ground, lift the creeping plants and inspect the climbing ones. Search in the wettest corners of the garden. Pick up stones, planks and garden furniture.

The fight against snails can be done by playing cunning. Slugs and snails have a soft body and therefore cannot move on dusty, sandy or granular soils. Make small barriers with dusty materials, use sawdust, coffee grounds, river sand or ashes from the stove or fireplace. You can also use chopped egg shells for protect plants from snails.

Copper is aremedyeffective against snails. Snails do not tolerate contact with copper. Try to buy a copper sheet or thin copper tape, you can find it in hardware stores, garden stores or on Amazon where a 20 meters copper tape roll you buy with about 18 euros and free shipping. When the snails come into contact with the copper tape, they will be hit by a light electric shock, so this material will act as a natural repellent against snails.

We advise against the use of poisoned baits or snails.

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