Ragamuffin cat: breeding and price

Ragamuffin cat: breeding and price

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Ragamuffin cat, only recently officially recognized, and only by the WCF, but it is a very beautiful, sweet and affectionate feline. It is inevitable, and even legitimate, to notice how much it resembles the Ragdoll cat, physically it is evident and now we will discover that even in character the two races are almost identical. The fun will therefore be more than anything else to understand how to distinguish them.

Ragamuffin cat: characteristics

The Ragamuffin cat undoubtedly has a "large" size accompanied by a strong bone and muscle structure but not squat at allindeed, his body is elongated and agile. The chest is broad and well developed, the shoulders are as broad as the back while the legs have a medium length.

A peculiarity is that the rear ones are slightly higher than the front ones, therefore the Ragamuffin cat always seems to lean forward, but let's not imagine anything deformed, it is an almost imperceptible posture. Between the rounded toes, funny tufts of hair may appear and the tail of this breed is also very hairy, increasingly thin towards the tip and proportionate to the rest of the body in length.

Moving on to the head of the Ragamuffin Cat, it has a shape similar to a wedge but rounded, the muzzle is in fact wide and "plump", the nose is slightly hollow and the chin has a soft curvature. The ears are of medium size, covered with hair but not exaggeratedly and with slightly rounded tips, the eyes, oval and large, they can take on various colors, always very intense. We can also find a Ragamuffin cat with unequal eyes.

Ragamuffin cat: puppies

Sweet and with extremely expressive eyes, i Ragamuffin kittens they have almost immediately a definitive coat, soft, dense and close to the body. The length is not homogeneous, on the neck it is longer, it surrounds the head like a bib, on the muzzle it is shorter, however, and grows in the upper part of the head, on the shoulders and on the back. The hips, the abdominal part and the back of the body are covered with medium-long hair as well as the legs.

All the variety of color are admitted for Ragamuffin cat, except in the point variant, for the rest there may be spots and even white designs and they do not have to be symmetrical or regular. For what concern truffle color and that of the fingertips, there are no particular limitations, they usually combine with the coat but the standard does not specify how.

Ragamuffin cat: character

As mentioned earlier, and as feline enthusiasts familiar with the Ragdoll, the character of ours Ragamuffin cat it's great. We are dealing with a very sweet and affectionate four-legged friend. Unlike other breeds, this one is usually very friendly to mankind, it gets attached and attached to people, cuddles them and asks for cuddles.

Not to generalize, but it would appear that female Ragamuffin cats they are usually more affectionate, except when they are expecting puppies, but it varies a lot from cat to cat and the relationship that each of us can build with the feline of the house.

Ragamuffin cat: breeding

It is a recent practice to breed the Ragamuffin cat. It dates back to 1994 when some enthusiasts, already linked to Ragdoll, they decided to experiment with some variations by creating a new breed.

At the head of this "separatist movement" there was Anne Baker, the idea was born with the aim of emphasizing and highlighting the already present sweetness of character of these animals, uniting that of the Ragdoll with that of other breeds such as Persians, Himalayans is house cats. Today in Italy it is not easy to find farms of Ragamuffin cats but it may be that the Ragdolls keep some specimens.

Ragamuffin cat: price

For the rarity, but also for the size and for theExcellent character, not always obvious, of this breed, the puppies have a not very affordable price. We speak in general of figures starting from 700 euros but it is better to inquire directly with the breeders, also to check their availability.

While we decide, we also take into account that the females of this breed are usually smaller, always remaining large in size, and that beyond the sex, the Ragamuffin they are slow growing animals.

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