When to water the garden

When to water the garden

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When to irrigate the garden: water requirements of vegetables and greens. Tomatoes, potatoes and useful tips for garden and vegetable garden irrigation.

When to irrigate the gardenOf course, this is a legitimate question but we must also ask ourselves about the quality of the water. The water that flows from the tap at home is rich in limestone and especially in some plants it can causeferric chlorosis, a nutritional deficiency that manifests itself with yellowing of the leaves. If in your garden you notice the basil with yellow leaves, you are probably using excessively hard irrigation water.

Irrigate the garden with water from wells or cisterns

If you use "well water to irrigate", know that the irrigation water must not have suspended particles, so if you notice small algae or corpuscles, install filters. Generally the water that is withdrawn from the water supply has no residues but that collected in tanks (rainwater) or taken from wells must be filtered. Periodically check and clean the water intake system or the tank.

In the water you use to irrigate the garden, there should not be any leaves or fragments of organic material which, by decomposing, can facilitate bacterial proliferation. Irrigation water that contains organic material (leaves, twigs ...) can be used to irrigate the fields but only coming into direct contact with the soil and never with plants, especially if it is vegetables or aromatic plants.

When to irrigate the garden

The administration of water in the garden is a daily appointment in the hottest weeks of summer. In spring and summer, the garden should be watered every other day (except in the most intense weeks, when temperatures exceed the average). By consulting the reference standard irrigation tables, thevegetable gardenneeds 3 liters of water for every square meter of cultivated field.

The irrigation of the garden aims to maintain a constant level of humidity in the soil. Based on conditionsmeteorological you can figure out whether to water every day, every other day or three times a week. The ground must be wet without soaking it.

A soil rich in organic matter tends to retain moisture without stagnating. During the preparation of the soil, with the classic pre-planting digging, bury mature manure and sand in the ground so your irrigations will be well exploited with more abundant crops.

When to water vegetables such astomato, aubergine, cucumber, green bean, peas….

All vegetables grown in rows, placed at a fixed distance, can be wetted with a dripline. If you don't feel like installing more complex systems, you can close every other hole with a good seal tape, making sure that your dripline wets the ground in correspondence with the vegetable.

Flow irrigation

Widely adopted in larger gardens. The infiltration and flow irrigation quickly floods the groove placed in correspondence with the row of vegetables. In this way the water quickly reaches the root system and it is possible to irrigate many plants in a short time.

How much water to give ...

To irrigate the garden
The water requirement of a vegetable garden depends on the structure of the soil. Estimates indicate that a garden must receive an average of 3 liters of water per day for every square meter of cultivation.

For watering bushy plants
If you have bushy plants in your garden, they need 4 liters of water per square meter every day.

To water a hedge
As for the hedges, the water requirement decreases: a hedge must be irrigated every other day by administering about 8 liters of water for every linear meter of hedge.

To water a tree
The water requirement of trees with large foliage is estimated on the basis of the amount of vegetation. To understand how much to wet a tree grown in the garden, calculate 4 liters for each square meter of foliage that the tree projects to the ground.

The water requirement is doubled in the driest weeks of the year and when temperatures are above the summer average. Observe the leaves at the first sign ofcurlyou can double the amount of water administered.

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