American Curl cat: character and breeding

American Curl cat: character and breeding

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American Curl cat, a feline that is immediately recognizable for its earsbut don't worry about his health, they are original but perfectly functional, as indeed also the entire body of these cats. This cat is moreover of those of robust size, it is powerful and enjoys good health, it has a soft fur and that remains adherent to the body, whatever color it is. It comes from the United States and exists in varieties with more or less long hair.

American Curl cat: characteristics

All colors and all designs are allowed for the American Curl cat than with his build cobby - robust - comes to weigh too 8 Kg, if male, while females stop at 5 kg. However, we do not think of a "ball" cat, his body is elongated and slender, with muscular and proportionate limbs, of medium length, and round feet.

The tail, continuing to speak of extremities, is flexible and increasingly thin towards the tip, covered with thick and soft hair. The length of the hair on the tail then depends on that of the hair in general that it can be long or semi-long, it is certain that stroking an American Curl cat is a real pleasure.

Its coat is silky, it has no undercoat and the length must be uniform throughout the body. Even on the head that fits into the whole in a balanced way, with a wedge-shaped shape that is not too ostentatious, with a slightly convex profile. The eyes of this American feline are gods Walnut-shaped "eyes", positioned obliquely and of uniform color.

For the American Curl colourpoint cat, they must be blue, otherwise the standard does not give any relationship constraints between hair and eye colors. The ears, as mentioned, are the peculiarity that makes this breed a phenomenon, not a circus one, but certainly to be photographed, as in fact many have done and do.

I'm ears wide and that curve backwards, large, slightly lateral, with a rounded and flexible tip. Hair is usually present in the pavilion, it is appreciated, and the degree of curvature must be within a minimum of 90 ° and a maximum of 180 °. It is the character that makes this breed something special, so the standard does not compromise.

American Curl cat: character

You will not immediately notice how the ears, but also the character of the American Curl cat it is certainly singular. Suffice it to say that he is very docile and falls in love with almost all people, but with others like him he only behaves well if their ears are folded like his, otherwise he sports acirascible aratteraccio and becomes a real brawler.

In the family he is fine, indeed, it is his ideal because it is the best environment in which to be at the center of attention. He doesn't want to sit still with others in his worship though, he's a type very lively and he goes around the house making trouble even unless you pamper him a lot. Behaves like a brat and he gets along very well with children. In the apartment he adapts even if he loves and needs to be outdoors, so it is recommended to let him do long and inspiring walks.

American Curl cat: breeding

Today it is not easy to find a breeding of American Curl cat in Italy but it is not impossible, my advice is to ask a trusted veterinarian or cat friendly associations, as it is a rare breed in Europe and certainly not cheap.

It is recently created, moreover, so it is not certain that in the future the farms of American Curl cat also become more numerous outside the United States. It all started in 1981, in the town of Lakewood, California, when a couple of "cat-cats" welcomed a stray kitten with semi-long hair "strange" ears, turned backwards, as if under the effect of a fan.

He called her Shulamith. He loved it and made it reproduce, observing that even the kittens had the same ears: thus the suspicion was born that it was a spontaneous genetic mutation. Since it was appreciated and appreciated, even on the occasion ofpalm springs cat show, in 1983, a standard was continued, establishing its characters and giving life to this new breed recognized in 1985 by the T.I.C.A, in the long-haired version. Today the American Curl cat it is recognized by all, both long-haired and short-haired.

American Curl cat: kittens

Let us not delude ourselves that the vivacity described above is a matter of age, or that it depends from one example to another. All the American Curl cats they are intelligent and use this talent to make trouble. Nothing serious or violent, but they also open the fridge and the doors of rooms we don't want them to enter. There is also the beautiful side of it: they love to play and are skilled at returning thrown objects, better than many dogs.

Since childhood, the American Curl cat suffers from loneliness so it's not good at all for those who think they can get by with kibble and a caress every now and then. He wants to be in the midst of the family, in the center of attention, on someone's legs or in contact with us, he wants to be in company. It is perfect for those who need a feline friend, who will keep them happy and loved.

American Curl cat: price

A puppy of American Curl cat it can cost even 600 euros, it is certainly an uncommon breed and originality often costs. It may be that as it becomes more widespread, it may see its price drop. In addition to being expensive, it must also be taken care of, especially as regards cleaning the ears, to be cleaned at least once a month with a damp cotton swab, inside the pavilions, gently. The hair is naturally beautiful and it is enough to pass it every now and then, if we get used to ours American Curl cat to the bathroom from an early age, then gladly does it until old age.

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