Swimmer's otitis, natural remedies

Swimmer's otitis, natural remedies

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Swimmer's otitis, natural remedies and prevention. What is swimmer's otitis, how is it contracted and what are the remedies to make it pass quickly.

The earache it can be caused by various ailments. Among the most frequent causes of earache we haveotitis media and swimmer's otitis. Generally, theotitis media it is a complication of the cold that strikes in the winter months, on the contrary, swimmer's otitis contracts especially in the summer months. Among the various types of otitis we also findbarotraumatic otitis which can be seen as very similar to that which afflicts "our" swimmer.

Swimmer's otitis, what is it

L'swimmer's otitis it is an inflammation that affects the skin of the external ear canal. Its symptoms include intense pain, itching and a sense of muffled hearing. If not yes care, the inflammation can become acute and the ear may appear hot and red.

Swimmer's otitis, how it contracts

L'swimmer's otitis it is nothing more than a bacterial infection. It is called “del swimmer” because the people most exposed are precisely those who frequent crowded beaches and swimming pools. However much chlorine the pools may contain, a certain amount of bacteria is always present in the water; even at sea, on the hottest days of summer, when the beaches are most crowded, bacteria proliferate more easily.

In these circumstances, a dip is enough and if our ocular pavilion comes into contact with a colony of these bacteria, that's it. In reality, contact between bacteria and the ear canal is not the only condition that must occur: only if the duct has a small lesion, even microscopic, can the bacteria nest and give life to theswimmer's otitis.

Swimmer's otitis, natural remedies

Before leaving for the summer holidays or before going to any swimming pool, preventive prophylaxis is recommended.

Uncorking the ears: how to get rid of earwax

The most effective prevention consists in good ear hygiene, but we are not talking about simple cleaning: it is necessary to uncork the ears and eliminate any ear plugs. Earwax retains bacteria by prolonging contact between the duct and the bacteria themselves.
To eliminate ear wax, ENTs recommend washing with physiological solution. The washes are sprayed directly into the ear with a syringe without a needle. Once you have added the solution in your ear, you should wait a few seconds and then tilt your head to help the water escape.

Disinfect the ears in a natural way

If you have taken a bath in a very crowded pool and are prone to contracting swimmer's otitis, you can prevent it by disinfecting your ears.

After a dip in the pool, you can wash with a needle-free syringe containing 5 ml of concentrated 3% boric water. This is a mild disinfectant that can be purchased at a pharmacy and allows you to cleanse the ear canal without damaging the skin.

Do not use ear plugs

Earplugs, especially silicone earplugs, if used frequently can cause small lesions in the ear canal and therefore can increase the risk of contracting otitis or fungal infections.

Generally, the ENT recommends silicone plugs only if there is a lesion on the inside of the eardrum.

Uncork the ears

Learn to remove the water that enters the ears after a dive. Tilt your head to facilitate the flow of water, if the water does not flow out spontaneously, lightly pull the earlobe to widen the canal.

For all the instructions on how to uncork your ears from water or earwax, please read the page: How to uncork the ears.

Swimmer's otitis, remedies in the pharmacy

If you are not able to prevent swimmer's otitis, you can extinguish inflammation by using specific remedies on sale in pharmacies. The drugs recommended by experts are simple drops to be applied locally, based on cortisone and antibiotics. If used regularly, they will extinguish the inflammation within two or three days.

If the earache it is very acute, we recommend that you consult your doctor; in particularly exposed subjects, swimmer's ear ache can face complications: a fungal infection may occur on the already present otitis (bacterial infection). In these circumstances, it is necessary to contact an otolaryngologist who will perform an antibiogram, ie an analysis aimed at identifying the most effective antibiotic to eradicate the inflammation.

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