White tongue: causes and natural remedies

White tongue: causes and natural remedies

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White tongue, everything except an aesthetic problem, or at least it should not be reduced to such because it is an important signal that concerns our health. Nothing serious, but nothing to overlook. Let's see what it is and some recommended natural remedies, always referring to your doctor.

White tongue: what it is

When we look in the mirror and notice we have the White tongue we have to ask ourselves a few questions because, they teach us in elementary school, it is not the color of a healthy language. There are several factors that can cause this anomalous nuance, there is not a ready answer but an answer to look for.

The factors are different and it is not necessary to be alarmed if we wake up a white patina on the tongue, it is a accumulation of toxins which our body would like to get rid of. It often forms more at the bottom of the tongue than at the tip, and unwanted toxins are most likely related to the digestion process.

White tongue: possible causes

Without wanting to replace the doctor, let's see some of the possible and most frequent causes of White tongue. First of all we specify that it is not a signal of disease, necessarily, but it makes us understand that a detoxification process is taking place in our body. It may happen that this whitish veil appears in the morning, but it does not necessarily appear that it does not appear during the day when we had a bright pink tongue a few hours earlier.

L'inflammation of the taste buds is one of the possible causes of White tongue but also poor oral hygiene, smoking, frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Even those who follow low-fiber diets, for example, may have a tendency to wake up with White tongue but if we wear the braces to the teeth, this intruder in the mouth can also be a factor of irritation.

It's not over there White tongue as we are seeing, it is a difficult signal to interpret on the spot and it is also necessary to contextualize it with respect to our habits, our lifestyle and what we have suffered in the past. Prolonged use of antibiotics can also cause a white coating on the tongue, it can also be fungal infections and oral thrush or thrush.

By contacting a doctor, as an expert, he can investigate the causes of White tongue, in fact there are those who argue that it may be linked to the presence of gastrointestinal disorders, of digestive problems, but also of stress or seasonal fatigue.

White tongue in children

For children there are additional causes of the appearance of the White tongue but we remain within the context of non-alarming situations. It is better to investigate that it is not allergies, food or contact, or anemia, candida, for example. Very often, however, the White tongue means poor oral hygiene and or it just happened that a mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide caused an irritating reaction.

White tongue and bad breath

When we have bad breath, we often have it too White tongue. It is not obvious, but at the base there may be poor oral hygiene and in this case it is better to ask ourselves if we carry out a correct oral cleaning work, including the back of the tongue. This last step can significantly improve the breath quality.

In addition to various passes of toothbrushing and flossing, let's remember that for prevent or eliminate bad breath, it is also good to take care of the tongue and make sure it is not white by brushing it.

White tongue: natural remedies

After hearing from your doctor or talking to him directly, here are some remedies to avoid White tongue in a natural way. One of the most popular is theOil pulling which removes bacteria deposited on the tongue during the night, is a recommended practice before brushing your teeth: you rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of sesame oil, coconut oil or even olive oil and this should help us remove the toxins.

Even the sodium bicarbonate is a remedy for white tongue, the tongue should be sprinkled with this substance and then gently rubbed with a toothbrush to rinse with water. All this, done twice a day, can be a solution as well as turmeric, rich in antibacterial properties.

In powder form, it is able to protect the oral cavity and tongue from infections and, in case of White tongue twice a day we can gargle with water and turmeric, a glass with half a teaspoon of "magic" powder.

An interesting anti-inflammatory that we can try to remedy the White tongue and the Aloe Vera juice, a strong antimicrobial that also makes bad breath pass with simple rinses of juice diluted with water every morning.

Tongue cleaner for white tongue

The nettalingua, a beautiful name, which gives confidence, but will it be really useful? It is on sale on Amazon for only 10 Euros but before clicking on it, better understand if it really serves to remedy the White Language. This simple little tool comes into our hands directly from the Ayurvedic tradition and removes the patina on the tongue in an extremely delicate way.

Let's not imagine some sort of grater that raises the white but inflames the whole mouth, is a sober scraper in stainless steel or copper, available in herbalist's shops, for example, or even in natural products stores. Once purchased, let's challenge it every morning before breakfast and brush our teeth and we will never see the White Tongue in the mirror again.

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