Balkan Hound: Breeding

Balkan Hound: Breeding

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Balkan Hound, also known as Serbian Hound, he has a clear idea of ​​his country of origin and, not being well known in Europe and the rest of the world, he often has to specify his own race. Even though he is called "Serbian" he also has some Montenegrin blood and his original name is "Serbski gonic”, Obviously belongs to the group of bloodhounds and dogs. Considered to be a medium-sized dog, this Balkan Hound he is neither long-limbed nor squat, and he knows his stuff.

Balkan Hound: Appearance

When we talk about a medium sized hound it means in this specific case that the males of the breed can have one height at the withers from 46 cm to 54 cm, females a couple less: there is no sexual dysmorphism in the Balkan Hound.

Sturdy without being massive, this dog's torso gives a sense of agile stability, consistent with the limbs showing a well developed bone, turned of toned muscles. The pace of the Serbian hound it is casual and rather quick without appearing neurotic, the tail accentuates its agility, strong at the base and increasingly thin towards the tip, often carried low and slightly saber-like.

Moving on to this dog's muzzle, that's it classic hound, with an elongated muzzle and a broad skull, the black nose with “receptive” nostrils. The look is docile and intelligent, it is immediately clear that this hound knows his stuff, the eyes are oval, brown, with black lids, the ears appear rounded at the tip and not very fleshy, moderately long and always adherent to the cheeks.

Balkan Hound: Character

The Balkan Hound he was born and raised to be a hunting dog, but not only that, he also has his own sectors: he specializes in stalking hare, wild boar and roe deer. Accustomed to living in the open air and not in velvety living rooms, this animal has no problems of adapting to any type of terrain and climate.

At work he is a true workaholic, gritty and willing, but above all full of talent and skill, almost tireless and therefore very well received by the hunters of his land. With children, he knows how to behave, but is not suitable for life in the city and / or indoors, he needs to lots of exercise and pure air to breathe.

To make a happy Balkan Hound, we have to make him run and take long walks with him, preferably to discover new corners where he can be a hound in the true sense of the word and smell new “stinks” and prey. So he also keeps his already trained excellent nose.

Balkan Hound on wild boar

As I mentioned when telling the Curriculum of this hound, one of his favorite prey is the wild boar. It is so from its origins or almost and this breed derives, so it seems, from the Hounds imported by the Phoenicians in Europe, then settled in the Balkan area.

There is no shortage of portraits of Balkan Hound centuries ago, caught alongside important people and the descriptions of its appearance date back to 1905 even if the first standard was drawn up in 1924, in 1996 it then changed its official name becoming Serbian Hound.

Balkan Hound: Breeding

Today in Italy ENCI does not indicate any breeding for this Balkan race who finds it hard to make a name for himself outside his homeland. If we happen to be interested in a Balkan Hound puppy in farms in other countries, it is good to know the more recurring defects among which we find non-standard measures, tail carried high, ears too long or badly carried, depigmented nose, weak limbs, shy or fearful character and long hair.

Tricolor Balkan Hound

There is also the tricolor version of the Serbian Hound and it is one of the most loved ones. The colors allowed by the standard allow you to choose. For example there are examples with red-fox or red-formentino background and on the upper part of the trunk there may be a more or less developed cover or simply a black saddle.

Not only that: in some dogs this coverage can even reach the head with black spots on both sides of the temples. Beyond the color, the hair of the Balkan Hound it is always short and thick, shiny and a bit coarse to the touch, always with an undercoat.

Balkan Hound for sale

It is difficult to find a Balkan Hound for sale, in our area, I do not recommend online ads that are not verified in person. The indicative price may vary from 800 to 1,000 Euros, as is often the case with non "particular" hounds but the rarity of the breed could raise the figure.

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