Cyclamen: flower and its care

Cyclamen: flower and its care

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Cyclamen, also called in scientific jargon "Cyclamen hederifolium“, Is a plant of the Primulaceae family or, according to the classifications, of the Myrsinaceae. There are many varieties of this plant, which gives us splendid flowers of different colors depending on the type. In our country the The most widespread cyclamen is persicum, also the purpurascens it is quite easy to meet, the characteristic that unites everyone, known or not, is the rounded shape that also inspired its name in ancient times. Cyclamen derives from the Greek kyklos, which means circle.

Cyclamen: the flower

There flowering of cyclamen it is perennial, all year round flowers and leaves are produced continuously to the delight of enthusiasts who have this plant in the garden or like to meet it in the woods. As for the color, you certainly don't get bored with the Cyclamen, as the species varies we find flowers in white, red and pink to purple hues. L'autumn is the favorite season from this plant that is comfortable in cool and humid places and right there it can produce the best flowers, from September to March.

Potted cyclamen: how to grow it with care

Given that it is not very easy to grow cyclamen, it must also be said that the effort required is worthwhile given the results that can be obtained. At first it blooms a little automatically but i green thumbs able to do produce flowers to this plant for five years and beyond are not at all numerous even if they are put in with the best intentions.

During the autumn season should be placed in areas where the temperature does not exceed 15 degrees: it is the period in which the Cyclamen develops leaves and flowers. It's fine at home too but not close to heaters. There are also those who argue that this plant is best found outdoors, this may also be true but a lot depends on the climate that reigns in our geographical area, if frosts are probable, it is better not to risk our Cyclamen it could suffer a lot, especially in night hours.

After they are the flowers have sprung up, towards autumn, we are careful to remove leaves and flowers that gradually dry up in order to leave room for those that will arise later, for the rest the plant must be left in the wet and watered daily without letting them rot. The replacement must be continuous and i Cyclamen they cannot be left in a water bath.

For water the cyclamen correctly, pour the water in a modest amount under the leaves, directly into the vase, avoiding them from being damaged and in winter, when it "rests", do not flood it with water, wait for it to spontaneously awaken.

How to grow cyclamen in the garden

Even in the garden, as in the case or on the balcony, to make ours feel good Cyclamen we must look for a humid and semi-shaded area for him, never under direct sun for too many hours. If the need arises, we can also move cyclamen here and there around the garden, following the optimal exposure to the sun, they will not be affected, on the contrary, they will appreciate the effort we make to make them settle in the best possible way. For some more information I suggest you read our article on "how to grow cyclamen"

Wild Cyclamen

A particular kind of Cyclamen is the one called wild. It is easily recognizable by its shapes and above all by the appearance of the flower. To tell it as it deserves, we dedicated an article to it, "wild cyclamen" to read.

White cyclamen

The White cyclamen it is not an ad hoc species but there are specimens of this color that can belong to different varieties of this flower. For example the Cyclamen x atkinsii, from December to March it produces flowers, usually crimson but which if “Album” are pure white.

White or pink, but with red spots, then there are the flowers of the Cyclamen cilicium, those of Cyclamen ibericum, on the other hand, they can be shown either red, pink or white. Cyclamen can also be a "Europaeum" which blooms from July to September e it smells very much, the repandum, finally, appearing in April, takes on shades that even reach white.

Cyclamen with yellow leaves: remedies

What makes the leaves are yellow or dry of this plant is too much exposure to the sun. Furthermore, if we want to see them particularly luxuriant, it is better to use rather calcareous soils, from basic pH and keep them at medium humidity. There shape of the leaves, the typical one, is heart shaped and the color, if healthy, is a rather deep and dark green, from undergrowth.

Cyclamen: color and its meaning

As we have seen talking about the White cyclamen, the flower can have numerous shades, all obtained by mixing pink, red and white, but the meaning they have always remains the same and has long been discussed. Beyond the much appreciated aesthetics, the Cyclamen has taken on both positive and negative meanings over time.

At the time of the ancient Romans it was a precious amulet against evil filters and bills, it was also attributed a power of sexual excitement so that young couples received it as a gift as a wish. Even singles could and can be given as a gift because it seems that it does grow self-esteem and personal prestige. Perhaps out of envy, but there are also those who have spread bad rumors about the Cyclamen.

Containing its bulbs one poisonous substance for men and not poisonous for some animals such as pigs, some claim that it has ties with Satan and it is also used to give it to a friend who has to end a relationship, understood as flower symbol of detachment.

Cyclamen seeds and bulbs: where to buy them

Who wants to have a Cyclamen in the garden or on the balcony he can also start from the seeds or the bulb and make it grow before his eyes with pride. The seeds must be planted between July and September, preferably mixed with a little sand to facilitate distribution as they are very small.

The soil is then vaporized and covered with a transparent plastic wrap, to maintain humidity. The first shoots will appear about a month later. On sale on Amazon at 13.50 Euros we find a pack of Cyclamen from 125 seeds. For those who prefer to start with the bulbs, here it is in packs of two for 3.50 euros, I'm autumn bulbs of Neopolitan cyclamen.

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