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Ecobonus Domotica, rather than knowing what it consists of, for the sake of staying up to date with the times and the laws that run, it is important and useful to know if it concerns us and if we can take advantage of it. Not in a "clever" sense but wisely, to carry out work that we may have been putting off for some time. Hearing the word "Ecobonus Domotica”Does anything come to mind? Let's see if by reading, you find the item that's right for you.

Ecobonus Domotica e Finanziaria 2016

With the Financial 2016 advantages have been introduced for those who want to fix their property. Like? In form of deduction of 65%, for some expenses. For example, those to purchase, install and activate electronic, electrical and mechanical devices that allow the automatic remote customized management of heating systems, summer air conditioning and to produce domestic hot water.

If you had any intention in this regard, or theEcobonus Domotica sent it to you, you can access the website and find the documentation to proceed. But perhaps it is better first to go into the details of what we can deduct thanks to theEcobonus Domotica or what has nothing to do with it.

Ecobonus Domotica: what are the smart devices

So far we have talked about electronic, electrical and mechanical devices which affect the temperature of our homes. This means, for example, that they must automatically regulate the heating systems or the air conditioning of the rooms in the summer season.

L'Ecobonus Domotica also concerns the smart devices that allow us to use hot water when we want to take a relaxing shower after a bad day, and they can also be smart enough to foresee a remote control through multimedia channels.

Sometimes installing this type of equipment is not trivial, it can involve the construction of electrical and masonry works that create the space and conditions to then install the smart devices that the person likesEcobonus Domotica.

The expenses for these preparatory chores also benefit from deduction provided for by the 2016 budget, the same goes for all those costs related to the installation, inside the buildings, and to the commissioning of building automation systems of thermal plants. This applies both to interventions carried out independently and combined with others.

Be careful, however, not to expand too much when listing the "jobs", because theEcobonus Domotica absolutely does not apply the euros we pay out when we buy mobile phones, tablets or personal computers or other similar devices that allow us to interact remotely. It would be a nice way to get the latest smartphone model but not consistent with the purpose of the provision born with green intent.

Ecobonus Domotica: general requirements and technical requirements

L'Ecobonus Domotica, you have to deserve it, not necessarily by being intelligent but having a smart device and having the necessary requirements. And it is not trivial to have them, or rather, to understand what they are and to verify that you are "on target" with theEcobonus.

Well aware of this technical and bureaucratic enterprise, together with Ecobonus they have also created a vademecum that promptly clarifies not only which home automation works are concerned but also the ones technical features of the intervention.

Let's not forget that all this can be done on any property, there are also specifics on this, for example the fact that, at the date of the request for deduction, it is necessary that it is already stacked or with a stacking request in progress. Obviously we must be up to date with the payment of any taxes and we must have a heating system. Otherwise that Ecobonus Domotica would be?

Ecobonus Domotica: necessary documentation

Another stumbling block that separates us fromEcobonus Domotica, once we understand that the intervention we had in mind can be facilitated through this initiative, is the preparation of documents. The correspondence, one might say.
There are sheets that we must have and keep and others that ENEA expects to grant us theEcobonus Domotica. In the first "folder" we find among others, for example, all that certifies that we have the required technical requirements and, obviously, the invoices relating to the expenses incurred.

What we have to deliver to ENEA to have its “okay” is a massive dossier but not impossible to prepare, indeed, sometimes it is more the scene that makes the long list than the real complexity of tracking down what was asked. I don't want to bore you, however, by drafting the Bureaucratic "to do list", I just point out that the documentation goes transmitted through the site relating to the year in which the works were completed (in our case, therefore,, and without allowing more than 90 days to pass from the end of the works.

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