Electric network for animals

Electric network for animals

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Electric network for animals: effective to protect crops from wild boars, foxes, dogs, badgers ... or to delimit the grazing area for sheep. Info on costs, do-it-yourself installation and height of electrical wires.

With theelectrical network o network electrified it is possible to create fences to protect crops or borders to delimit the grazing area for sheep or other livestock.

Thereeletricity gridit is undoubtedly one of the most effective solutions but, before setting up, consider the possibility of installing a wooden fence or a perimeter net; you can consult the factors to be evaluated before installing the fence in the article dedicated to garden fence. In the page just reported we talk about fences designed to protect the garden from wild animals, however the same fences (with the same parameters) can be used to delimit the area dedicated to livestock.

Install a power grid for animals:what the law says

There is no lack of regulations governing the installation of theelectrified networkfor animals. The regions, in fact, can regulate the creation and use ofelectrified fencesby the private citizen who wants to install them. Each region has its own internal regulations, so it is always good to inquire about the legislation in force in your region. In general terms, we report the legislation valid in the Tuscany Region withResolution of the regional council no. 588 of 20 - 12 - 1994,entitled "Regulations for the protection of agricultural production". The law provides that:

the energiser must becertified with CE mark and if a mains connection is available, it must be powered from the mains. The power must be based on the length of the fence and it is forbidden to use multiple energizers on the same fence. To use more energizers, the fence can be divided into several sections.

The regulation of the Tuscany Region also sets guidelines on the type of support poles: corner chestnut columns with a height of 2 meters. In addition to the columns placed at an angle, there must be poles at a distance of 5 - 8 meters, driven into the ground for at least 40 cm. The whole electrified fence it must be supported by the aforementioned poles interspersed with iron rods with a diameter of 10 mm.

According to the Tuscan regional law, electrical cables must have low resistivity and high tear resistance. The grounding must be made with 2 or 3 delicate poles, 1 to 2 meters long and planted at a distance of one meter from each other (at a considerable depth).

Electric network for animals:how much

Thereelectrified fence to protect the gardenwild animals are spreading more and more, also thanks to the cheaper DIY installation kits. The kits allow you to build an electric fence by hand with a budget of less than 200 euros.

Among the various kits on the market, we would like to point out one with an excellent quality / price ratio: Extra Power electric fence kit. The kit includes all the accessories to make oneelectric fence. At the time of installation, remember that the height of the wires must take into account the animal against which they must act. If you wantprotect the gardenfrom any wild animal, you will have to place the wires at a distance of 25 - 30 cm from each other; if there are few animals, a single wire placed 25 cm above the ground will suffice.

You can start from the kit and buy additional wire and use metal rods for construction (very cheap) as a support, or buy more kits for the construction of larger electric fences. The recommended kit has a 250 meter long electric wire, useful for protecting the home garden.

Electrified net for animals:installation tips

For mounting theelectrified fencewe recommend installing at least 4 cables, the first at 25 cm from the ground, the second at 50 cm from the ground and the third at 120 cm from the ground. In case ofsheep fencingor to protect the cultivation from small animals, you can alternate the electrified cables with non-electrified cables to be connected to the ground poles.

Electrified net for sheep, rabbits, chickens ..

Thereelectrified fence for sheepit is very effective: when an animal comes close, in contact with the electric wires, it takes a discharge that causes a painful sensation. Following a short learning period, the animal acquires the awareness that it must avoid contact with the wires and will keep away from the fence. Depending on the size of the animal to be isolated, it is advisable to install wires at different heights as indicated in the previous paragraph. With the right sizing, the electrified net is also effective for rabbits, dogs, chickens and other small animals.

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