Sussex Spaniel: breeding and price

Sussex Spaniel: breeding and price

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Sussex Spaniel, from Great Britain, a dog of modest size but of great ability, which is recognized among the colleagues of its own group, that of hunting dogs. While not particularly tall, this animal has a massive physique, he has a solid structure and a very active character. What distinguishes him from other Spaniels is his particular way of moving, much more collected and composed. Seeing it only in photos, we will have to imagine it, trusting my words.

Sussex Spaniel: characteristics

At the withers a specimen of Sussex Spaniel, whether male or female, it has a height that varies from 38 to 41 cm, the limbs are always straight and rather robust, with excellent musculature. The trunk is strong and tight but well proportioned, can not be defined squat, as well as the head which has a certainly large and rounded shape but always harmonious.

The stop of this Spaniel is accentuated and the nose usually has a color tending more to brown than to black. The eyes are also brown, or rather hazelnut color, very large and very sweet, not protruding but not recessed. The ears of this Spaniel are thick and rather large, set at the bottom and with a lobe shape, then fall down remaining close to the head.

Let's move on to the tail, it's a very lively body part in the Sussex Spaniel, it often moves and is never carried higher than the topline, in some countries it can unfortunately be shortened to 12-17 cm. As for the hair, the only color allowed is intense golden liver, particularly at the extremities of the limbs, while dark brown and flea-colored are not appreciated at all. The coat is abundant and flat and there is also a very dense undercoat, then we find fringes on both the front and rear limbs, never on the tail where there is simply very dense hair.

Sussex Spaniel: character

If engaged in hunting, the Sussex Spaniel is active, feisty, very serious and focused on the task to be performed, he is not distracted by anyone. After his shift, as a hound, then he goes back to being a mild dog. Always stay an animal that barks a lot, if this sound does not bother us, we can also think of it as a companion dog, not being aggressive but showing on the contrary obedient and affectionate with the family that welcomes it.

Sussex Spaniel: breeding

In Italy, the ENCI website does not indicate any structures dealing with the breed Sussex Spaniel, in England you will certainly find many of them, perhaps even some other spaniel breeding farms can have Sussex puppies if necessary. We can try to inform us, or contact our veterinarian. It is not a very widespread breed in Italy, for now, it is native to Sussex region, from which it takes its name, and dates back to the nineteenth century even if its official recognition came in 1885.

Sussex Spaniel: price

To get precise information on the price it is better to inquire at specialized English breeding centers, also evaluating the difficulties of transport and change of citizenship of the dog. Of course this dog has always been underrated by hunters for a very practical and also shared reason if we put ourselves in their clothes.

At sunset his golden liver hair, it ends up blending in with the colors of the forest and other animals, which makes it mimetic and therefore there is more chance of hitting it by mistake, in hunting trips. Of course this defect lowers the price and if for us it is understood as pet dog, little changes that it is not very evident in the woods, respond to our call and nobody intends to shoot in his presence.

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