Myrrh, what is it

Myrrh, what is it

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Myrrh,what is it, therapeutic properties of the compound and of the plant. Story of the three gifts brought by the Magi: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Myrrh, what is it

Theremyrrhit's aaromatic gumextracted from the plant of the genus Commiphora, of the Burseraceae family.

What is myrrh? In practice, it is a resin that is extracted from the branches of the shrubCommiphora.

Towards the end of the summer, the plant is covered with flowers and a series of nodules appear on the trunk, from which the resin known asmyrrh. Theremyrrhcolo from the nodules of the plant in the form ofyellow drops. The resinous consistency is often altered: through the drying and pulverizing process, themyrrhit is diffused in the form of powder.

Myrrh, therapeutic properties

Thanks to the seutherapeutic properties, today, themyrrhit is used as a component of pharmaceutical products. In particular, themyrrhit boasts outstanding disinfectant properties.

Its disinfectant properties were also known in the past, so much so that myrrh was used as a natural remedy for infections of the mouth. Its disinfectant properties make it a good natural antiseptic and antifungal, used against sore throats, candidiasis, gingivitis, canker sores, stomatitis, pyorrhea ... Diluted in vegetable oil, the essential oil of myrrh has good healing properties and, used by means of fumigations, exerts expectorant properties. To combat seasonal ailments, lovers of natural remedies recommend fumigations with sodium bicarbonate and essential oil of myrrh.

Gold, frankincense and myrrh as religious symbols

From the Gospel according to Matthew, themyrrhit is one of the three gifts brought by the Magi to the Child Jesus. According to tradition, myrrh symbolizes the anointing of Christ or the expiation of sins. Theremyrrhin fact, it was also used for embalming and for this reason, in tradition it could be a symbol of the atonement of sins through suffering and bodily death.

The history of themyrrh takes place in parallel to that ofincense. Myrrh, just like incense, was already known and used in Ancient Egypt where it was used as a component for embalming. In the Bible, themyrrh oilit was used asholy oil for anointing.

Given the ambivalence of the symbolism linked tomyrrh, there are two interpretations.

While gold symbolizes royalty and incense is a symbol of divine nature, themyrrhit can be understood as a symbol of the sacrifice that Jesus would have made for humanity (atonement for the sins of the earth) or a symbol of his ascent to earth as Christ the son of God (anointed by the Lord).

Myrrh essential oil

By distillation of themyrrhan essential oil is obtained which is considered a good natural remedy for various physical problems. Like all essential oils, myrrh is also highly concentrated in active ingredients so it should never be used pure in contact with the skin! Before using the essential oil, dilute a few drops in a carrier oil or carrier oil (sweet almond oil, avocado oil ... but olive oil is fine too!).

Unlike the others essential oils which are much more viscous, Myrrh essential oil has a more "resinous" consistency so it is denser and more difficult to manage. If you have no other experience with aromatherapy, practice with easier-to-use essential oils such as basil or lemon! You may be interested in reading the article dedicated to the List of essential oils.

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