How to use cumin

How to use cumin

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How to use cumin in the kitchen or as a natural remedy (to lose weight, improve digestion and take advantage of the beneficial properties of cumin).

Thecumin, botanicallyCuminum cyminum, is an aromatic herb well known both for its uses in the kitchen and for its beneficial virtues. The plant is native to the Mediterranean basin so its cultivation is very simple in our geographical areas.

Thecuminit has a particular flavorbitterand a smellstrong and sweet. It is used for the preparation of curry (curry, in fact, is a mixture of spices) and is widely used in exotic cuisine (North African, Mexican ...) and in Indian cuisine. Its use in cooking is widespread in the Iberian Peninsula and has a certain fame in the regions of Southern Italy.

Cumin, property

After seeingwhat is cumin, let's talk about its properties and health benefits. THEcucimo seedsthey are rich in iron, have digestive properties and may even have anti-cancer properties.

In a laboratory study, cumin has been shown to be a good ally in countering the development of stomach and liver turmoral forms. Its protective properties could be linked to the high capacity that cumin has in eliminating free radicals. In addition, cumin has stimulating properties, as it "stimulates" the body to produce enzymes capable of detoxifying the liver. Thanks to its purifying properties, cumin is considered an excellent ally for health.

Cumin seeds are traditionally used to improve digestion. Recently, scientific research has discovered that this ancient remedy is not unfounded: the cumin is supposed to stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes necessary to digest and assimilate nutrients.

How to use cumin for weight loss

Since thecuminhelps digestion and provides good amounts of iron, we can consider it a good ally for those who follow a low-calorie diet. Not only that: thecuminit could be a help for those who want to lose weight because, just like other spices, it can boost the metabolism. To lose weight, thecumin powdercould be used together with ginger.

Cumin powder or cumin seeds

On the market it is easy to find thecuminin whole seeds or in powder. Thecuminpowder is used as a cooking spice or for the preparation of Garam masala.

Cumin in the kitchen

You can use thecumin powderor in seeds to flavor focaccia, pizza and bread. You can use it in addition to ginger to flavor smoothies, juices or milkshakes.

In India thecuminit is used for the preparation of a drink called "lassi". This refreshing drink can also be easily prepared here in Italy. The recipe, in fact, involves the use of two jars of plain yogurt, a glass of mineral water (still or sparkling), lemon juice, a pinch of whole salt and a pinch of cumin. Just combine these ingredients and mix them as best you can. The result will be a gratifying, thirst-quenching drink with a sour taste.

You can use cumin to flavor meats or to make legumes more digestible. Cumin can be added, lightly, to your soups and sauces: try adding a pinch of cumin to the recipe for guacamole sauce (avocado-based sauce).

As a natural remedy, you can prepare a cumin-based herbal tea. Cumin tea is useful for counteracting slow digestion and in case of flatulence disorders. For each cup of boiling water it is recommended to add 2 grams of cumin powder.

Where to buy cumin powder?
Dried cumin, in powder or in seed form, can be purchased at the most well-stocked grocery stores or by taking advantage of online shopping.