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You smoke boiler

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You smoke boiler, to be checked carefully periodically by calling a technician who can assure us that everything works as it should, that we are not polluting the environment and the air we breathe. It is important to carry out a review of the system in the first days of great cold if not before, a different operation from that which concerns energy efficiency, equally necessary but which follows different deadlines. And it also has different prices. Let's find out why we should be interested in You smoke boiler.

Harmful boiler fumes

If they are harmful or not, a technician must tell us who can understand the state of health our appliance is in and if it is necessary to change it, fix it, or let it do its job in peace. THE You smoke boiler they cannot be assessed by eye, by color, by smell, by how the sky and if they rise they seem white and harmless to us, we carry out the check within the times indicated by law.

Let's not forget that a large part of the polluted air we breathe in winter is so unhealthy not due to traffic but from heating systems that are not well overhauled.

Boiler fumes: legislation

The DPR n. 74 of 2013 is the last word to date, at the level of the law, which gives indications on the maintenance and operation of the heating systems of homes.

However, it is not new that the revision of the systems, Including boiler fumes, is an absolutely necessary and necessary operation, not for nothing is it also called ordinary maintenance, not because it is an order but because we have to enter the order of ideas of carry out this check without asking us if it is the case. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the system, the reduction of pollution and energy saving.

You smoke boiler: how often

There is no precise timetable that defines how often and when the review and control of the You smoke boiler.

Leafing through the aforementioned legislation, it is however clear that in this operation there is no DIY, it is necessary to contact qualified companies that know how to carry out the checks in compliance with the requirements. It is these experts who, seeing our plant, and also knowing the rules of the area where we live, will be able to indicate the frequency of checks.

It is also necessary to consult the instructions for use of the system that we have at home, usually the company that installed it has left indications on how often to check You smoke boiler, generally it ranges from 12 to 24 months.

Boiler fumes: control prices

A check of the You smoke boiler it can cost around 75-100 euros but "shooting" a price like this is just wanting to show that it doesn't cost a fortune. In truth, the cost depends a lot on the area we live in and also on the type of system we have installed.

It is important - I would like to specify - that it is a trusted and certified technician to carry out the check and overhaul of the boiler because he himself will have to issue a control report which must be attached to the plant booklet.

TO about booklet, we do not throw away the "old" installation one, even if it dates back to the months prior to October 15, 2014, there is in fact a new legislation which, while providing for a new mandatory installation booklet for homeowners, requires that historical documentation is also preserved.

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