Witch's stroke: natural remedies

Witch's stroke: natural remedies

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Witch shot, a back pain that makes us become with a witch mood, painful even if not serious, which is better to know how to prevent or at least treat without stuffing ourselves only with painkillers and drugs. Small tricks can make it less likely that the back pain witch will catch us off guard!

It is not a "serious" problem like a herniated disc, the causes can also be very trivial, like a simple cold. The pain we feel, however, is very acute, moreover sudden and localized, but fortunately if we do not neglect it, it can pass in four or five days.

Witch's stroke: what it is

Leaving the witches alone, this problem is due to a displacement of the joint located between one vertebra and the other. In fact, it causes a contraction of the muscles and we are literally blocked, sometimes immobilized, in correspondence with a certain type of movement. The most probable cause of the “Witch's stroke” is an abnormal twist of the back not well supported by our muscles.

Witch's stroke: symptoms

We can well say that we have the Witch shot when we feel pain in the base of the back. A strong and localized disease, in the center of the final part of the spine. If we are twisting our back, or bending over, or we have a cough and a cold, the pain will be felt more than ever, very strong, caused by the pressure on a nerve.

Indirect but unpleasant symptoms of this backache are for example the loss of sleep: difficult to find a position to fall asleep with this stinging pain in the heels. And we could also find ourselves in to struggle in making gestures newspapers such as putting on a pair of trousers or socks, tying strings or picking up an object from the ground.

Witch's stroke: causes

There are numerous and very different causes of the Witch Shot, confirming that no one can be said to be exempt from this witchcraft, even the youngest who, making a brusque movement, could find themselves screaming in pain. Sure there are gods factors that invite the witch to strike. For example, people who are overweight and not very muscular may be more likely to have back pain because they overload the spine, damaging the discs located between the vertebrae.

Even those who are in perfect shape or very thin but with little muscle, has the back at risk: less toned and ready to support twisting, the body may find itself unprepared to support the weight of the body. Not immediately but after months and months the intervertebral discs may thin out making the witch stroke. A separate case is made up of people with a malformation of the spine in its final part who will have to be particularly careful in making efforts with the back.

Witch's stroke: useful exercises

There are certainly exercises that can help us prevent or quickly pass the described back pain. The first step to take, however, and must be considered a essential exercise, is to look after our position. Not every now and then, but throughout the day, when we are in front of the PC or are reading, or if we are lying on the sofa and, caught in a movie, we do not realize that we are crooked.

Let's avoid spost heavy items making use only of the arms and entrusting our poor back with a hard job that alone cannot complete. So strong strain on the spine they are a condemnation to the stroke of the witch and we must learn in everyday life to raise objects, furniture, shopping packages, grandchildren and dogs, using the whole body, legs first of all. We must not stand still but let us remember that a decisive effort, with cold muscles, is "fatal".

As for posture, it is not necessary to do particular exercises if we do not have spinal problems, it would be great not to stay in the same position for too many hours, seated, but alternate a few steps, preferably outdoors. We stretch our backs and muscles, keep it straight and walk a bit with our heads held high, it will also do us good mood and the witch with her "bills" will stay away from us. Who wants then do physical activity more demanding and focused can devote himself to swimming, to Yoga and al Pilates.

Witch's stroke: natural remedies

Avoiding asymmetrical postures e "weightlifting" of arms only, we can also try some natural remedies always taking into account that, if back pain becomes chronic, it is necessary to consult a doctor to identify the exact causes and targeted interventions.

If the first thing that can come to mind is hearing the Witch shot, is to rest, it is not what is recommended. In the first hours, if but not for days and days: it is better to resume slowly, step by step, to walk without ever straining but not even getting lazy. In order not to be stoic, and to bear the pain through gritted teeth, we can make ice packs or ice packs hot compresses or hot baths to relax the muscles.

Natural remedies acupuncture and massages are also not do-it-yourself but without drugs, but if the pain is unbearable, it is certainly not forbidden to combine these methods with analgesics, for a couple of days, not only to relieve our suffering but to help the muscles relax. This does not mean that these drugs remove the cause which is best investigated with a doctor.

Witch shot in pregnancy

We talked about weights and back, it is therefore foreseeable that even those who are pregnant can be the object of Witch shot. All the more reason it is important to maintain correct positions and perhaps do some gentle gymnastics or Pilates to ensure that the muscles are not unprepared in the support the weight of the baby bump ever increasing.

Witch's Stroke: A Book

It is a democratic evil, the one in the back, often not serious but which can make our days impossible. Every trivial gesture, with pain, becomes a fatigue, the mood gets worse, goodbye good sleeps and jogging in the park. Better to prevent, therefore, and learn to limit the damage and the duration of the Witch shot with a book full of practical suggestions. "Back pain is dead". Let's try it before the Befana arrives.

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