Animal gestation

Animal gestation

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Animal gestation, deepening what happens in the various species, many aspects emerge that unite them even if they are living beings of dimensions and features that are difficult to match. And it brings us people closer to all the other animals: when it comes to giving life to our fellow man, we feel pain, emotion, we seek protection and we focus on the moment, estranging ourselves. There Animal gestation it has many curious and tender peculiarities to discover.

Animal gestation

When an animal has to give birth, often and willingly a few days before it goes in search of a suitable place that ensures privacy and does not expose it to danger. There Animal gestation almost as a practice it involves some symptoms such as anxiety, shortness of breath, lack of appetite and sometimes even the feeling of having to vomit.

Without neglecting the pain that, with different intensities, every mother feels and it is no coincidence, it is a sensation "designed" to ensure that the female focuses on the idea as much as possible she is about to give birth to her puppies and that means she is in a state of great vulnerability.

Often during the Animal gestation a safe haven is sought, hidden and protected from predators, this tendency is also evident in the human being who, in his own way, hides himself and does not expose himself too much to gaze, assuming postures of self-protection. Another recurring feature of the Animal gestation is childbirth in the night, when the darkness of the night there protects like a den.

Longer gestation of animals

Big and fat, and with a reputation for having a great memory, it is the Elephant which can boast of having the longest animal gestation: 22 months. This applies to both Africans and Asians, and it is not at all trivial: if we do the math well, it is almost 2 years of waiting, a period of time in which they must face two seasons of drought.

Even the orcas they can well say that they have a long gestation, in fact their lasts 18 months and is necessarily followed by a pre-weaning period in which the baby remains attached to the new mother, engaging her 24 hours a day. Gestation of the Giraffe waiting 15 months with her puppy on her lap, a puppy that, being born 60 kg, can become 1200 kg.

Shorter gestation of animals

Moving on to the other end of the ranking, let's see which is the Shorter gestation of animals. Being on animals familiar to us, we find in this top five the mouse, with 20 days waiting, followed by rabbit (30 days) and by the hare (35 days) on a par with the marmot. The fifth animal with short gestation is unexpectedly the kangaroo which takes 38 days.

Mammalian animal gestation

Consider the durations of the Animal gestation mentioned above, passing from almost two years to less than a month, we have already well understood that even among mammals alone we cannot identify a rule. Instead, it is rather normal and typical than in the Mammalian animal gestation, development takes place in the uterus.

Cat gestation

Among the many Animal gestation, that of the cat is quite fast, lasting from 64 to 67 days. This animal appears very maternal and even the single cats that appear very wild to us, will be able to show off a maternal side leaving us speechless. The cat, so often our guest at home, deserves an in-depth study, you can find it in the article dedicated to "Gestation period of cats” .

Horse gestation

It lasts almost a year there gestation of the female horse, called mare, after this period of time she gives birth to a foal which, with great tenderness, tries to do his first steps with courageous embarrassment. He is tenacious, the little one, and in a short time we will see him running on his own, domestication lasts much longer, at least three years but at five we can treat him as an adult.

On average a horse lives 30 years but it depends a lot on the environment in which it was born and raised, in fact, there are also different varieties that, depending on their lifestyle, also take on different morphological characteristics.

Dolphin gestation

Similar to horses, dolphins have one gestation of about one year, then give birth to a baby about one meter long with a breech birth, tail. Females can have dolphin offspring from 5 years old, as soon as they come to light, they pop up to the surface to take the first breath of their life and start growing, feeding on their mother's milk for at least two years.

Considering the rather long gestation period, usually the female dolphins give birth every three years and only one cub at a time, ready to swim independently.

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