Handmade fabric flowers

Handmade fabric flowers

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Handmade fabric flowers, they are sweet and lasting, not at all impersonal and cold as those made of plastic or synthetic material may appear. It is fun to create them, indulging in shapes and colors. We can start with the shy gods Handmade fabric flowers for wedding favors or to embellish a gift package and then get to decorate entire dresses, curtains, tablecloths and everything that wants to bloom even out of season.

DIY fabric flowers: how to make them

It is not trivial but not even a practice reserved for embroidery workers and craftsmen, that of making Handmade fabric flowers, you just need to have patience and time, even a good book or the instructions of a tutorial. They can be found online, video or written, which guide us step by step and initiate us. Then we will learn to go it alone and disobey by creating unique and inimitable flowers.

Fabric flowers for dresses

From jeans to sweaters, from a sweatshirt to a skirt, all garments that appear banal to us can have a new life if decorated with Handmade fabric flowers. Felt is often used as it is a fabric that lends itself to application on clothes as well as on bags and backpacks.

Lightweight and waterproof, the felt slightly dirty, stains do not damage it but, an element that makes it preferable to almost any other fabric, it does not it forces us to sew. In fact, hot glue can be used with excellent results, joining pieces of fabric of various colors with one gesture and a gun. It starts with patterns that show us how cut out the fabric to be joined, according to taste.

Fabric flowers for wedding dresses

For wedding dresses you need to be more careful when creating them Handmade fabric flowers because they are special, elegant, extremely delicate flowers and usually bright colors but also suitable for the solemnity of the moment. The raw materials to start from are il satin, silk, chiffon, organza or the same veil that is used for wedding favors.

The colors most often selected for this kind of Handmade fabric flowers they are pink and yellow, or orange, but nobody forbids us to opt for light blue or lilac. Armed with scissors, candle and paper patterns that guide us in the shapes of the flower, and maybe even some beads, we can proceed in making beautiful ones Handmade fabric flowers

Shabby fabric flowers

Style shabby, for those who do not know, it is the unkempt fake that turns out to be more chic than the real chic. Shabby handmade fabric flowers, therefore, can be made of fabric or ribbon, the important thing is that they are not too full of beads or even too delicate colors.

Great yellow and orange, minus pink. Lilac only when charged. The petals must be of irregular shapes and with the edges also curled. If we want to exaggerate with originality, we can create shabby shades by making them black parts of stem or petal with fire.

Fabric flowers for wedding favors

For wedding favors, i Fabric flowers made handmade can be similar to those designed for the wedding dress, with the same materials and the same shades, but it does not necessarily have to be. We can improvise different decorations with less sober and more courageous colors, combining different ranges of blue or purple, combined with yellow and orange ribbons. I'm wedding favors that give the eye and it is good that it is so for a special day.

Fabric flowers for curtains

On the curtains i Handmade fabric flowers they must not be too heavy and must be applied very carefully because they must not damage them or create unsightly asymmetries. Based on the fabric of the curtains themselves we have to choose which one to use for the flowers so that the latter do not weigh.

The same goes for the colors, taking a look also at the one present in the room, and it is good that are not too dark in color because they could create unpleasant backlight effects when the sun beats on the curtains. On those in the bathroom, blue is better, in the living room I recommend Yellow handmade fabric flowers, for the lilac, pink or orange rooms.

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