Schisandra, contraindications and benefits

Schisandra, contraindications and benefits

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Schisandra, contraindicationsand beneficial properties. The use of berries in herbal medicine as a natural remedy. The use of the supplement and dry extract.

Schisandra, the plant

Thereschisandra it is a plant native to far eastern Russia and China (schisandra chinensis) where it takes the name of wǔ wèi zi, which means “berries with five flavors”.

Thereplantit grows well in the shade, in a humid environment and with well-drained soil. Thereschisandra chinensisit is a dioecious species, therefore the flowers of the "female plant" will lead to the formation of berries only if pollinated by a "male plant". This is what happened in nature: a group of nurserymen went to select an ibdrido dischisandracapable of self-pollinating. The variety in question is the Eastern Prince schisandra.

Thereschisandrait is widely used in Chinese folk medicine and not only with the chinensis species. Schisandra sphenanthera (nan wǔ wèi zi) is also a widely used species of schisandra: it has similar characteristics to wǔ wèi zi or S. chinensis.

Schisandra, medicinal uses

Theschisandra berrieshave always been used in theTraditional Chinese Medicine where it is considered one of the50 basic herbs.

Thereschisandrait is appreciated for its anti-stress activities. Useful to take during the phases of change: in case of a change in our lifestyle, during the transition from hot to cold season, in case of job change ... In China S. chinensis is used for its astringent properties and not only: in traditional Chinese medicine it is used to stop excessive sweating, for the treatment of diarrhea or to counteract the symptoms of physical and mental fatigue.

In Russia, schisandra is used as a natural remedy to strengthen the body and resist hunger. It is no coincidence that in our country thereschisandrais sought after by those who wantlose weight. The schizandra decreases the sense of fatigue thus managing to stave off hunger.

For all information on property of the schisandrawe refer you to the page dedicated to schisandra berries

How to take advantage of the benefits of schisandra:dry extract (supplement), infusion and decoction

Schisandra is found in dry extract capsules or liquid extract vials extracted directly from the berries.

Schisandra can also be taken as an infusion or decoction: a good infusion can be made from both flowers and berries.

For the decoction, infuse a tablespoon of dried berries in a cup and a half of cold water, bring to temperature and boil for 10 minutes. Filter and let it cool. Drink the drink twice a day, mid-morning and again in the afternoon.

Schisandra, Contraindications

There schisandraand its extracts are contraindicated in pregnant women who should completely avoid taking it. Others contraindications they apply to patients with liver disease. Under normal physiological conditions, the schisandra-based supplements they have no details contraindications and side effects are a very rare phenomenon; among the rare side effects ofschisandra extract there are episodes of heartburn and gastric acidity.

Schisandra berries, where to find them

Find theextract dry schisandra (supplement) is very simple, you will have to go to a well-stocked herbalist's shop or to one of the many shops specializing in the sale of natural products and remedies.

Not just supplements, you can find them on the marketschisandra berriesdehydrated, powdered or whole but are difficult to "swallow" due to an unpleasant taste. For the infusions, many recommend the use of berries, however there are those who say that for the infusion, it would be better to exploit the properties of the schisandra flowers.

Those who prefer the supplement or dry extract can take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, a bottle of 120 capsules can be bought at a price of 15.02 euros with free shipping costs.

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