Homemade Valentine's Day Cake

Homemade Valentine's Day Cake

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Homemade Valentine's Day Cake, to save, even if we don't want to admit it? So let's say it is because it has love as its main ingredient and the pastry chef cannot put it in it as we ourselves know how to do. But let's try to combine something good, with the ingredients that must be used to get a winking cake out of the oven. Why, even for homemade Valentine's Cake, love alone is not enough, the dough, like the relationship, does not rise.

Simple homemade Valentine's day cake

Simple, and which can be enjoyed even after days, just like a well-knit relationship, there is Plumcake with heart. To prepare it just refer to the classic recipe of the plum cake, modifying it with a trick that will make it come out two-tone. Once the dough is obtained as indicated, divide it in half and color one of the two portions with cocoa powder.

If you prefer that the color recalls the passion, since it is one Homemade Valentine's Day Cakeinstead of chocolate, use beetroot or red fruit juice by cutting out the inside of the dough with a simple heart shape, or with a double mold.

Homemade wholemeal valentine cake

Among the many Wholemeal cakes that you can prepare for your beloved, do not choose the sad ones. Better to opt for a dessert with fruit, apples are the classic, with which you can not go wrong. There wholemeal apple pie it is soft and fragrant, has a delicate flavor and is easy to prepare. Better to choose unrefined flour and sugar, oil instead of butter e very sugary apples so that there is no veil of sadness in any of the slices.

Homemade Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

If I had to imagine one Valentine's day cake home made, I would certainly prepare it based on chocolate, beyond its aphrodisiac power, even if only for its inimitably good taste. There are numerous recipes of chocolate cakes, from the classic Sacher cake, elegant, the most raw but just as good country cake.

You can also think of preparing a very simple margherita cake and then try your hand at the decoration based on dark chocolate, perhaps to remind us that it is a Homemade Valentine's Day Cake, we use a heart-shaped cake pan! If instead of cutting slices, with the risk of wasting time, you prefer an easily “bite-sized” pleasure, you can opt for i chocolate and chilli brownies, from heart to 180 ° C for less than half an hour and to be decorated with orange peel.

Homemade vegan Valentine's day cake

If you have a vegan boyfriend or girlfriend, or are vegan yourself, you just have to prepare one Homemade vegan Valentine's day cake so you can share it. The best recipe, which has nothing to envy to other non-vegan cakes, is the one recommended in the article "Vegan Chocolate Cake".

Valentine's day green cake

If you are not too strict, but times be atabsolutely green even on Valentine's Day, prepare the fruit fondue by getting a fondue set for two or one romantic chocolate fountain, in classic "retro" style for less than 38 euros also available on Amazon.

Once you have covered your favorite fruit, let it rest in the refrigerator until the chocolate veil is crunchy. It is not a cake but biscuits, but very green: they are those with rice malt, particularly healthy but no less tasty, also excellent for Valentine's Day breakfasts.

But we come to Green homemade Valentine's cakes: here is that of pears, cocoa and cinnamon, delicious and original, to be prepared with wheat flour and using a heart or flower cake pan. An alternative, if you don't like cinnamon like me, is there Carrots pie, to be decorated with dark chocolate.

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