Natural diuretics

Natural diuretics

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Natural diuretics: useful tips to stimulate kidney function and get rid of excess fluids in the body without side effects.

Diuretics help the body get rid of excess fluids, especially water and sodium. Most of these stimulate the kidneys, to eliminate sodium through the urine.

Natural diuretics

If our body retains fluids, we are likely to suffer from some ailment it can be thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, cirrhosis, kidney stones, edema… in short, the causes can be many.


It is a very common wild plant in our gardens, which many people consider "weed".

Various studies have shown that one of the components of dandelion increases the activity of the kidneys and increases the frequency of urination. Both its green leaves and stem and roots are diuretic. In addition to regulating sugars, they promote colon and liver detoxification.


It is a relative of the rosaceae family and, although you may doubt it, is an excellent diuretic. It is able to reduce water retention, thus helping to improve the symptoms of congestive heart failure.

The nutrients of this plant have also been shown to be useful in increasing the flow and frequency of urination. On the other hand, hawthorn berries are rich in vitamins C, B and minerals.

Horse tail

In a study carried out in 2014, it was found that horsetail extract gives the same results as those obtained from diuretic medicines, without however having side effects. Horsetail can be a good alternative to common medicines, especially if you suffer from unwanted reactions.

Its effect is such that it is not recommended for pregnant women. It is also useful for eliminating uric acid. Patients with gout are among the main consumers of horsetail.


The juniper plant has been used as a natural diuretic since medieval times. Although few studies have recently been done regarding its benefits, it is known to increase urine flow in animals.

Like many other natural diuretics, it does not reduce potassium levels, unlike some medicines. It is recommended to take its berries in case of cystitis. Among the many qualities of this plant, we remember the antirheumatic benefits and its contribution to the elimination of toxins.

Green tea and black tea

Whenever you drink a nice cup of hot tea, you are flushing excess fluids out of your body. Both black and green tea have been shown to be powerful natural diuretics.

Thanks to their high caffeine content, they help the body produce more urine, reducing the amount of water, especially in the bloodstream resulting in lower blood pressure.


Although parsley is often used as a condiment, it can prove very useful for those who have problems taking diuretic drugs. Some studies have shown that parsley is one of the most effective natural diuretics for increasing urine flow.

To reap all the benefits, we can prepare an herbal tea.

  • Ingredients

1 handful of parsley
1 glass of water (200 ml)

  • Preparation

Boil the parsley for 10 minutes. Let cool and set aside the liquid obtained.
Drink a glass of this herbal tea a day, for a week, if you want to get better results.

Hibiscus or Karkadè

Hibiscus is a plant of the mallow family, with large flowers, generally red, called Jamaica flowers. Various studies have shown that Jamaica flowers increase kidney filtration, reduce swelling and fight water retention thanks to their diuretic action.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of these natural diuretics

In addition to these natural diuretics, you can benefit your health by reducing sodium consumption and exercising more. This will allow you to reduce water retention. Eating more fruit and vegetables in general will also be of great help to this end.

The most beneficial are:

  • The watermelon
  • Grapes
  • The berries
  • The celery
  • The asparagus
  • Onion
  • The garlic
  • The peppers

It is important that you seek advice from your doctor before deciding to abandon diuretic drugs. Any drastic change could be risky to your health.

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