Adenosine: what is it for

Adenosine: what is it for

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Adenosine, a name little known to those who do not work in the medical field, yet it is a star of our day. Or rather the rhythm of our days since affects the sleep wake cycle. Not only that, we find theAdenosine also in hair products, for what purpose, let's find out.

Adenosine: meaning

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter with an inhibitory function, we can find it also indicated with the acronym P1 or as Purina-1. Its main action consists in the slet the brain know about accumulated oxidative stress levels, that is when we arrive at a state of fatigue and / or stress that requires a "stop".

This neurotransmitter it then tells the brain that it needs to stop, rather than communicating it as information, gives the body in question a peremptory message, forces it to take a break.

Adenosine: what is it for

We have seen that the role played by this neurotransmitter is important in regulation of the central nervous system. To better understand what it is for, let's connect it to a commonly used substance such as coffee, chamomile or tea. All three are adenosine receptors and are adenosine antagonists so they hinder this "messenger", so much so that by taking them we can be overexcited and not feel tired.

A contrary effect, as an agonist, has instead a substance called limonene, contained mainly in the peel of lemon, grapefruit and orange.

When you have levels of Adenosine too high you can feel effects like drowsiness, depression, slow heartbeat, nausea, slowness of reflexes. It may seem strange, but we can notice this unhealthy abundance even from the metallic taste in the mouth. When instead the levels are too low here is tick hyperactivity, insomnia and psychosis symptoms are also possible.

Adenosine and sleep

It is now clear that the effects of Adenosine concern sleep, not only but above all. It is also true that when one takes adenosine, it is also possible to feel peripheral vasodilation, dizziness, excessive sweating or nausea. Returning to its role in the rest cycle, in particular there are recent studies that would indicate adenosine as a neurotransmitter that intervenes in the sleep induction process slow wave (SWS - Slow-Wave Sleep).

Adenosine and hair

So far we have talked about sleep and hyperactivity, and occasionally even nausea, what is the hair center? They focus because adenosine also appears among the ingredients of products aimed at regrowing hair. As a "messenger" he will carry messages in this sector too, not just in what concerns fatigue and stress. Demonstrating the complexity of the human body and the close connections, sometimes unknown to us, of aspects of our life that are apparently unrelated to each other.

Adenosine and coffee

Coffee and adenosine are enemies, or rather the first "blocks" the second, preventing it from telling the brain that the levels of stress and fatigue are too high to continue as if nothing had happened. Being the much loved coffee and consumed around the world, studies have been carried out on the matter and it emerged that to wake up perky and stay charged for a long time, the winning formula includes a coffee followed by a 15/20 minute nap.

They have now baptized it "coffee nap"And it seems to work, you can always try, meanwhile let's see why all this would happen.

After drinking the coffee, the caffeine must cross the gastro-intestinal tract to enter the bloodstream and have its appreciated effect, it takes 20 minutes, if we sleep while it reaches the brain, it is perfect and we can get up fresh and ready for the day. Without this trick we would find ourselves waking up from deep, slow-wave sleep abruptly ensuring a day full of yawns and not quite in a good mood.

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